Welcome to 2018! All of the Christmas build-up is now well and truly over, and we’ve sidled sleepily into a whole new year filled with exciting prospects and untold potential – albeit with the lingering festive snacks claiming squatters rights in our cupboards. Twiglet, anyone?

As you welcomed in the New Year, you may well have been one of the people who came up with a New Year’s resolution to work towards over the next 12 months. Whether it’s eating healthier, exercising more, saving money or learning a new skill, tons of people across the world make an annual pledge to better themselves at the start of the year. And the same principle applies to digital businesses, too.

The world of business is always ripe for development and improvement, and while it may not be “eat less cheese”, you can make the decision to bring about positive change for you and your team in the year to come.

Not sure what sort of thing you should be aiming for in 2018? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up some of our GIANTs to get their digital resolutions for 2018, and what they think should be a focus for businesses looking to make the coming year their most amazing yet.

Our GIANT Resolutions

“In 2018 we should move towards semi-automated marketing, and make more use of tools such as automated bidding to give us more time to work on strategy instead of the day-to-day detail.” – Justine Robson, Head of Client Services.


“Christmas 2017 saw the big stocking fillers being digital assistants, like the Echo Dot or Google Home. Imagine how many homes now have major corporations eavesdropping on them permanently?

 This will, I repeat, will be used for advertising purposes, as this is an absolute GOLDMINE of data. For marketers looking to get ahead of the game, this is a big area to create a strategy for in 2018. Burger King triggered everyone’s’ Google Assistant last year in a stunt that went viral, so expect to see more people trying to leverage this trend in new smart and creative ways.” – Sam Caesar, Search Account Manager.

“Video is no longer an afterthought when people are putting together campaigns and strategies. When it comes to brand content, this year will see businesses making sure that they’re adopting new tech and keeping up with trends in order to stop audiences getting bored, in what is now a more and more saturated market.” – Rob Gibbs, Senior Video Marketing Executive and Giant Campus Video Marketing Professor.


“I predict that when it comes to social media, 2018 will be a good year for creative users. Too often businesses rely on repetitive sales posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With the declining rate of organic reach, the increasingly competitive social ad landscape, and super savvy end users, this routine just isn’t enough anymore. Instead, finding your audience online and using creative new methods of advertising (including Instagram Stories) will lead to much greater results for businesses. With people so divided between groups and platforms, not to mention by demographics and interests, it will be more important than ever to actively seek out your audience – rather than waiting for them to come to you.” – Ben Hawkes, Senior Digital Creative Executive and Giant Campus Social Professor.

“The thing with resolutions is they only become ingrained in our lives once we have practised or experienced them enough times. 

Take running for example. The first run you do is a panting, spluttering mess. Not quite the image you had when you decided to become a runner. But, after a few attempts and some advice from people who run regularly, you start to improve. Your pace gets better, your technique improves, and eventually its hard to imagine that you gave up running at childhood. The same is true with digital. You can have all the best intentions, but without knowledge and practice, you will collapse in a heap somewhere. If you’re looking to improve your digital presence for 2018, I recommend training. Lots of it. Free training like Google Garage and Facebook Blueprint are great tools, but seminars and workshops can help you turn your knowledge into wisdom.” – Danny Windsor, Giant Campus Head Boy.

So, what are your digital resolutions?

In the notoriously fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of the curve can require constant dedication. Whether or not you choose to set a New Year’s resolution, or instead want to create goals for the year ahead without attaching it to the New Year, having clear targets to work towards can help you stay focused on progression – and see the results you’re looking for.

Whether it’s working on your delegation, adopting a mobile-first approach, committing to creating an email marketing list or prioritising strategy on a regular basis, set yourself a target to work towards and see how it helps you grow your business in the next 12 months.

Whatever you’ve got on the cards for 2018, it’s set to be a pretty exciting year for those in the digital world. Leave me a comment below to share your digital resolutions, or head over to our Twitter for a chat about what you’ve got planned. We’re a friendly bunch, honest.