Yahoo video ads

Yahoo have launched a new look search engine results page which now includes rich media such as video or image ads. Please see an example below courtesy of Yahoo.

What impacts

So what implications does this have for brands and advertising agencies. My first thought would be more ability to display the brand in a more creative way. One of the best and sometimes worst things about the search engine results page is how uniform it is. Google have been working on a number of ways to change things to provide a richer more engaging experience for the user, and they to have their version of rich media ads.

The way of the future?

This latest release from Yahoo is likely to be the way of the future for the SERP as engines try to provide users with engaging results, and advertisers with more effective ways to reach their customers. It is likely that there will be more cross overs with other media as they all merge following the convergence of technology devices. e.g as desktops, ipads, smart phone merge.

For more information click here to read the post from Yahoo

So what do you think? Do you think this will positively impact your searching experience? Do you care, everyone uses Google don’t they?