The question on everyone’s lips…

In our latest Google+ video Luke answers a question that many Google+ users and marketers are asking. Will there be paid for advertising on Google+?

Here’s a summary of the video

Luke says that he’s fairly confident that Google will be creating paid advertising on their social platform. He continues to say that if you look at all the things they’ve been working on recently it is evident that once they’ve got enough people on the interface and they reach a critical mass of users we’re going to see some really clever ways of monetisation.

Luke suspects Google will use the huge amounts of relevant user data, which they can collect using Communities and Circles, to give advertisers the option to target their advertising. He believes that it’s likely that it will be possible to target groups of users based on interests and demographic information. (Luke doesn’t think the targeting will go down to individual user level.)

In this short video, Luke explains that what he thinks Google are doing at the moment is building the interest in Google+, getting the numbers up, and then once everyone is on the platform, they’ve already got the infrastructure in place (AdWords) to really easily monetise Google+. Google+ could be a really powerful platform for advertisers in the future.

Recent news

We’ve recently learnt that Google+ are starting to test +Post ads with brands such as +Cadbury (whose page has 3,508,595 +1s and their Cadbury Kitchen community has nearly 87,000 members). +Post lets brands turn their rich media (e.g. photo, video or Hangout) public Google+ content into a display ad that can run across Google’s Display Network.

What do you think about Google+ becoming monetised? How do you think they will create paid for advertising? Will you use it? Please leave us a comment below or on YouTube.

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