Without sounding too much like a salesman, let me tell you!

Pay Per Click is an interesting industry, it is a relatively simple process. The advertiser needs to write a few ads and choose a few relevant keywords to bid on. What could be difficult about that?

While it can be approached that simply if you approach it that way you will not do it as effectively as you could. It is also important to keep up with the most recent policy updates from Google. Not keeping up can lead to penalties and in the worst cases Google has been know to suspend accounts.

A more subtle effect of a poorly managed account is quality score, this metric has influence on how much you need to bid and the actual amount you pay per click so understanding how to improve this through good ad and page relevance, logical themed account structures and PPC landing pages, good ad testing and much more will lead to better performance.

We often find accounts that do not have proper use themed adgroups, use nothing but broad terms or no use of negative keywords. These are some of the worst mistakes but there are many other little mistakes that a good Pay Per Click agency can help avoid which can all add up to big savings.

Recent Ad policies from Google

On top of this Google recently updated its policies and is becoming more pro active in stopping behaviour it does not approve. Not that you need reminding, but google is watching you!

The most recent additions include

– Ensure a direct relation between content on the landing page and the keyword
– Ad text Grammar should be proper and logical
– No phone numbers in site links
– No generalised call-to-actions such as click +1 or Click Here
– Sitelinks must ALL link to different pages

These are just a few of the many policies that feed into the Adwords review process and Adwords algorithm. Agencies are used to structuring and managing accounts they know the best practices and can often pick up changes faster as they usually have deeper ties in the industry.

Its also worth mentioning that when working with an agency its really important for the agency to almost become part of your team. It really pays off to work closely with the agency you decide to work with to ensure they understand your business needs & demands, and of course you & your team are the people that know your own brand inside out and passing on that information to the agency your working with is key.

If you are considering running a Pay Per Click campaign or already have one but not sought professional advice we strongly recommend you consider speaking to an Agency and discussing what they can do for you.

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