So this interweb thing has been around for a little while now and it’s safe to say that most people have cottoned on to the fact that it’s pretty important. Digital trends are constantly evolving and it’s hard to keep your finger on the pulse, especially if you’re focused on other things like running your company. Most businesses now are aware of search marketing, i.e. paid search, search engine optimisation and social marketing, and many are truly beginning to understand the need to boost their spending in these areas. Now the question on these businesses’ lips is “how do we expand our resource?”

If you’re going to expand your marketing resources to include search and social media marketing you have two obvious choices. Employ new members of staff or outsource to an agency. But do these have to be your only two options? Using an agency to supplement your own internal marketing could well be your recipe for success. Growing your in-house search marketing team can be a big drain on resources. You’ll need to spend time recruiting the talent and the training them up on your internal processes. An agency has the talent in place and the ability to jump in when and where needed.

So what are the advantages of using an agency?


Agencies flexible to meet client needsAgencies are your flexible friend. They can step in to help you achieve the results you need. Do you want to rank highly on Google? Do you want to increase your conversions? The advantage of working with an agency is that they can step in where and when you need them, whether that be for just one project or on a rolling basis to assist with long-term SEO, PPC or social campaigns. Agencies are there to bridge a knowledge gap in your existing team.


Agencies have experience working with a broad range of clients across different sectors. They know what works and what doesn’t. An agency can look at your brand with fresh eyes, offer impartial advice and work with you to come up with a strategy. You may be concerned that an agency wouldn’t have the insider knowledge of your in-house team. Well that’s inevitably true but its the job of the agency to learn, however the client does need to be receptive and willing to share. It’s vital to build a close working relationship. Combining your comprehensive brand knowledge with an agency’s technical expertise is a winning combo.

More cost effective

Using an agency is almost certainly cheaper than taking on new permanent staff, especially in London. One of the major benefits of taking on an agency is that you are only charged for the work that you need to be completed. It may only take 3 days per month to manage your SEO so why pay for a new member of staff? With an agency you could pay for 3 days of expert campaign management and not be tied into a long term relationship.


Agencies team of experts Sleeping Giant MediaWhen you employ an agency you have access to a highly experienced group of search marketing geeks experts who are passionate about getting results for their clients. Your in-house marketing department might consist of one “jack-of-all-trades” marketing executive who does a great job but doesn’t necessarily possess the right skills to take your search marketing campaigns to their full potential. An agency cannot exist if they don’t deliver tangible results, ROI and, ultimately, make their clients happy.

Sleeping Giant Media is a search and social media agency that is agile, flexible and knowledgeable. We frequently work alongside in-house teams to manage just one or two parts of their overall digital marketing mix while they continue to manage the rest. One such client that we work with in this manner is Holiday Extras‘ Short Breaks division.