This is a good question!? Let me try and give you a few reasons why blogging may be a good thing for your business to do.

1. Increased relevant traffic

Firstly if it is a good article and it is picked up by search engines or social channels there is a good chance you will get more people to your site. As long as the blog topic is relevant to your business it is fair to assume that the people who are reading it will be relevant to your business. As long as you make your site engaging, with a clear action on the page you can drive signups or enquires. (please see our sign up —–>>>)

2. Brand positioning

Often companies try to make themselves look more “corporate”, and their sites subsequently lack any form of personality and brand. This makes it a bit generic, and well, dull! A blog is a great place to add personality to your business. You can be more conversational, controversial and casual on the blog. You will have to determine what tone and language fits your business.

3. SEO benefits

Google loves fresh content on a website. The reason is that the web is plagued with companies that have still got a site but are no longer trading. Obviously Google don’t really want to send its users to these sites. One of the best ways for Google to differentiate between businesses still trading and those that are not is the recency and frequency of changes on the site. By blogging it tells Google you are trading and subsequently it favours you over sites with no changes.

4. Empowering/fun..

Well, I guess this is a point of view! But, personally I find it quite good fun to air my opinions and views online where it is viewed by people.

I hope that gives a few reasons why your company should be considering a blog.

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Good luck with the blogging! Please write any questions you have in the comments below.

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