How Does Google Plus Benefit the Individual?

This is the third short video in our series on Google+. We have created 13 of these in total and will be sharing each one in the coming weeks. Watch now to learn how Google+ can benefit the individual.

If you can’t view the video right now, or just fancy reading the synopsis, here’s a summary:

Google Plus is the second most actively used social network

Google+ is a good network to choose for individuals looking to focus on one social media platform. It is under represented at the moment, so you don’t have the sorts of numbers you have on Facebook and Twitter, although Google’s active user figures suggest that Google+ is the second largest social network behind Facebook. However, if you speak to people you quickly realise that not as many people use Google+ than use other social networks.

Google Plus offers an intuitive way to converse online

Google+ is going to continue to expand and grow. Luke’s been using it for quite a while now and he finds that it combines the best of all the other social networks. It is neither focused on B2B nor is it particularly focused on B2C. It’s actually a more intuitive way to interact with people socially. You can choose who to share your updates with so there’s no need to choose one social network for your work-based conversations and one for your friends. As an individual, once there are more people using Google+, it will be a good network on which to have a social conversation in a more intuitive way, so it should be quite an interesting one and it’s definitely one to watch.

Are you using Google+ yet, whether as a business or an individual? What do you like and dislike about the platform and how do you think it can benefit the individual?