Continuing our Google+ video series, here is the fourth instalment. This time Luke‘s talking about where Google+ sits in the social mix:

And for those of you who prefer to read, here’s the synopsis:

Google+ sits between all the existing social networks, which is one of the reasons why it’s likely to become very successful in the future. Currently, the three primary social networks used by marketers are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is focused on B2B and it’s not really a platform for social conversations. Facebook is B2C. There are business pages but it’s almost like these are an afterthought rather than part of the inherent interface. Twitter, on the other hand, bridges both B2C and B2B but it’s not as visually focused as Google+, even though they have recently introduced images into the timeline.

Google+ is uniquely positioned

Google have been very clever by positioning their social offering right in the middle so it applies to everybody. It’s great from a business perspective and great from the user’s perspective, assuming of course that everyone uses it, which eventually Luke suspects they will. As with all new technologies, you with always have those innovators and early adopters before the majority get with the programme.

As with each post, we welcome your feedback. Have you started using Google+ for business? Where would you say it sits within the social mix? Please use the comments section below or on YouTube.