Sleeping Giant Media is 3 years oldWell, where does the time go? This is a question that I think I ask myself on a daily basis, and before you know it Sleeping Giant Media has reached the mighty age of 3. Yup, we are past the teething phase and we are ready to mix it up with the big boys. The business has grown humongously in the last year. We have had 5 new starters: Justine, Nikoo, Richard, Rachel and Ben have joined the team and taken our total compliment up to 14. We also have a new starter joining us in February. We are laying solid foundations on which to build and grow into the coming year. We have a few plans up our sleeves but I won’t bore you with the details!

So what has happened in the world of search?

Sleeping Giant Media helping you negotiate Google's Panda updateThe SEO world has been all over the place this year, with some pretty hefty changes to the way websites are ranked thanks to the Penguin and Panda updates. If you are playing the game fairly and investing time and effort to update your site this is nothing to worry about. That is often easier said than done and writing that illusive page of content can be tricky when you are a professional plate spinner. We have tried to help our clients out by including content production in our SEO offering to make sure you stay one step ahead of that dangerous Panda!

Social is becoming a more crucial part in the SEO mix and helps you to show Google that you are active on the web. I think this is a trend that is likely to continue into 2013.

PPC has been plodding along in comparison to the SEO sector. There have been changes in regards to targeting, budget control, advertising platforms and a multitude of other user-controlled settings. There is nothing in there that I would say is a game changer, and the account teams here have been happy with the changes as they offer them the ability to be more accurate with their targeting and budget management.

All in, a good year and plenty more to come in 2013.

Looking forward to 2013

Here are some key things you should be thinking about for next year for your online marketing strategy.

– Create more content on your site!
– Make sure you have your Google+ page sorted out. (I think we will see more and more of this channel in 2013)
– If you are running PPC, make sure you have a dedicated mobile campaign if you get a good chunk of traffic from mobile devices.

Yes we did put a Christmas hat on the giant and no it is not serious!

Have a great Christmas and New year, I am off on honeymoon to somewhere warm. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)