In the ninth of our 13 Google+ videos, Luke answers the question ‘what niche do you think Google+ will occupy?’

You can watch the video here and/or read the synopsis below.


In the video, Luke explains that he believes Google Plus’ niche is that it is a digital representation of our everyday conversations. That’s why he thinks that it’s going to be successful as a platform because Google+ isn’t trying to change the way we interact but is simply giving us a digital way of interacting in the same way as we currently are.

Luke continues to say that the reason he thinks Google+ is going to be so powerful is that it’s not actually trying to target a niche, but it’s giving people an intuitive way to communicate with others.

To give an example that links into a buying decision, before we make a purchase, particularly a larger purchase, we tend to ask our friends and get advice before committing to that purchase. Google+ takes that conversation and moves it online. Google own the search engine results page so they have the purchasing area where you’ll do your research, and they have the social media and potentially have the information from your friends who have previously bought that product. Google+ takes the word-of-mouth referral process, doesn’t change it but moves it online.

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What do you think? Does Google+ have a niche? Do you think it’s intuitive?

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