Well we’re certainly whizzing through our video series on Google Plus! The first installment for the new year is video 10, what is the etiquette for adding people on Google+?

Watch the video here:

Some of the commonly asked questions about Google+ surround the etiquette for adding people on the network.

Who can you add? Should you add back everyone who adds you?

One of the things that Google+ has done really well is that although people can see when you’ve added them to a circle they can’t actually see which circle. Google+ allows you to create multiple circles, each with individual names, such as ‘friends’, ‘colleagues’, ‘photographers’, ‘fellow cat lovers’, and so on.

This makes it easier to organise your contacts on Google+. You have different circles of friends with varying interests. The great thing is that because a person can’t see which circle they’ve been added to there is no awkwardness. You can also choose to place people in multiple circles. You could even have a circle named ‘random people who have added me’, they’ll be none the wiser!

It’s a great representation of real life and your everyday social environment, which they have been able to position online with the way they’ve structured the Google+ interface.

Over to you!

How to you go about adding people on Google+? Do you always add people back? Do you feel there’s an etiquette to follow?

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