It’s time for the next instalment in our Google+ video series. We’re now on 8 of 13 short videos.

In this video, Luke talks about what he personally uses Google+ for. Watch the video here:

Summary of the video

Luke uses Google+ for a number of things. In fact, one weekend he decided to join a cat photo community and posted a picture of his cat. Within five minutes, the photo had gained about 12 +1s! So it goes to show that there are people on Google+, using it and interacting with it. Luke uses it pretty much everyday at the moment and he’s finding that he’s certainly using it more than Facebook, and currently he’s favouring the platform over Twitter too. This is because he has joined some communities that are relevant to him and his interests. Luke is involved in communities around social media, Google Analytics and Google AdWords, for example. In those communities there are plenty of like-minded people on there asking questions, which you can feed back to, or you can post your own questions and receive answers to them.

Within the business, we are using Google+ more and more. Apart from having our own page, where we share search and social articles and posts promoting our own activities, we use Google+ to set up and manage events and we use Hangouts (the video conferencing facility) to communicate with people across various businesses. It’s really useful when you have 5 or 6 people interacting from different locations, so we’re using it more and more for a variety of different tasks.

Luke thinks that Google+ is going to do well because it fulfils a need. We have various needs within the business and Google+ is the most intuitive platform out there that can fulfil all those needs. Some things Facebook can’t do, some things Twitter can’t do but Google+ does them all very nicely.

Over to you

What do you use Google+ for? Please leave us your comments below or on the YouTube video.