In the second in our series of 13 Google+ videos, Luke explains what benefits Google+ offers business over and above other social networks:

Here’s a summary of the video below if you prefer:

Technical benefits of Google Plus for businesses

Google+ has some excellent benefits from a business perspective. Now Google aren’t advertising this too much, but they reward you for being proactive on their social network. The more active you are on Google+, the better results you can get in Google’s search engine result pages, in the way of Authorship, images, latest post, and so on.

User experience benefits of Google Plus

  • Google+ is also a great choice of platform for sharing images. They offer some really cool and easy to use image editing tools, such as adding text to create memes.
  • It’s an ideal network for posting regular updates and setting up events.
  • You can easily filter whom you share content with using Circles, meaning your content can be highly targeted.

Google+ have some really funky functionality that some of the other social networks don’t have, so there is a really good opportunity for businesses to explore those and talk to their customers in different ways, which they couldn’t possibly do on other social networks.

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