Google Plus has a number of features that differentiates it from other social networks.

In the fifth video in our Google+ series Luke talks us through some of the best features on Google+ that he thinks are particularly interesting. Watch the video or read our summary below.

Google Plus Communities

The communities on Google+ bring like-minded people together. They are similar to Facebook and LinkedIn groups in a way, and allow you to join in with discussions, contribute and get feedback from different people. Luke gives the example that on the day he made the video, he was posting some questions about Google Analytics on one of the dedicated communities. He got some really good feedback from users and moderators. Many Google+ Communities are very active and it’s quite functional.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is essentially a conference call or video conferencing facility but it’s much more interactive, much more intuitive and really well designed. There are a lot of businesses doing some really clever things with Hangouts. Hangouts can be posted straight to YouTube, which is an example of how Google+ integrates into all of Google’s other products, which none of the other social networks have the capability to do.

Google Plus Circles

Circles allow you to select which information is shared with whom. This can be done on other networks but it tends to be more clumsy and time consuming to configure and get right. With Google+ it’s quick and easy to select which Circles people sit in. You can then choose to share publicly or just with work colleagues, family, etc. This mirrors the way we interact in everyday life.

Overall, there are some really powerful features that will help Google+ stand out long term. What features of Google+ draw you to use this social network over others?

If you have any questions or comments about the features of Google+, please leave us a comment either below or on YouTube.