I was privileged enough to attend the awards ceremony at the University of Kent, for their new employability awards scheme, on Tuesday (7th June) evening. A great event and a really unique idea to encourage and reward students that go the extra lengths to make themselves more attractive to the jobs market. Essentially, Tesco clubcard points for employer rewards!

The student achievements were deeply impressive, enough to make me feel rather embarrassed at the tax payers money I managed to hemorrhage at university. Perhaps the reality of just how difficult the job market is actually going to be for students has really made the employability points scheme such a success in so short a period of time.

Sleeping Giant Media are supporting the scheme, offering a placement to a talented student with the hope that we can nurture them potentially to offer a full time role. Its encouraging to see the quality of employers that are helping to make the scheme a success, and great for us to have had the opportunity to get involved.

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