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Managing your brand on Twitter

If you are running a twitter account for your company or on a personal level, whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not you are managing a brand. People spend a hugh amount of time buying things and choosing things that they feel represents them offline, but do they consider the implications of how their account represents and reflects on them as a brand?

A good friend of mine has always described brands as friends. “Companies are people, and brands are friends” which I think is a fantastic way of looking at twitter.

Generally we as humans enjoy the familiar. Our friends are people we like, trust and are familiar with. They may not always be right, but invariably they are consistent, and we know what to expect from them.

The same principles apply on twitter. We are friends with the people who are consistent and interesting. There is nothing worse than getting mixed messages from people as you don’t know where you stand.

So, before I get too deep! Here is the take away to help you manage your brand on twitter.

Be consistent – Don’t send one tweet which is juxtaposed to another one.
1. “man that is wicked, I am totally stoked”
2. “it is intriguing and very insightful”

After reading the first example what person do you picture writing this? After reading the second one, who do you picture? If they are different, they are not consistent.

To help.. set yourself guidelines.

Some examples may be:

What words should you use in your tweets?
What words shouldn’t you use in your tweets?
What topics do you cover?

Ultimately there may be other guides you set yourself, but consistency is key for effective brand management.

Good luck with the tweets, if you are new to twitter check out my post to get you started here

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