Myself and business partner +anthonyklokkou have spent the last few days in Las Vegas, (tough life isn’t it) visiting the SMX social conference to brush up our collective knowledge on the key things facing search marketing agencies in the coming year.

There were two sections to the conference and subsequently we split up, ensuring we attended every session and soaked up as much information as we possibly could!

The event was great, and the content really interesting. I wouldn’t say there were any game changing revelations but it has certainly helped us refocus our efforts for the coming year with more confidence and pick up some ideas and tips to bring back to our clients’ accounts.

We are currently in the process of battling jet lag and trying to finish up our content and video posts for each of the talks, which will also make an appearance on our blog soon.

Here are my top 5 take aways from the sessions I went to:

1. SEO is going to continue to be more and more reliant on social, the lines between the two are continuing to be blurred.

2. Interaction is going to be a key factor to social and SEO success in the future. Quantity of content will continue to be less and less important, rather it will be the creative pieces that generate genuine interest from the web community that will give you the best return. SMX Las Vegas

3. Authorship will be more and more important, however there will also be a reduction in its impact as more and more people use it. Google are adapting the algorithm so that only the top value authors will appear on the search results page. Quality not quantity.

4. It is important to view your Google+ page (both company and individual) as a separate site that will benefit from SEO optimisation. Currently exact match anchor text will pass relevant target value… but don’t go crazy with exact match anchor text as we know what happens next! (This could lead to future penalties, just as it did with normal sites) Check out our Sleeping Giant Media Google+ account. SMX Social Las Vegas

5. Don’t overlook some of the lesser known social networks. Just because it isn’t your favourite, doesn’t mean it isn’t your clients’ or customers’ favourite. An ability to try and find ways to do something on each network will be important to try and meet as many of your customers on their favourite network, and not just try to move them to your favourite!

Do you agree with these thoughts and ideas for the coming year, share if you do or comment if you don’t!

We have a lot more content delving into the details of the various talks, so do watch this space.