Why perfecting your business’ social image & tone of voice is important

Finding the right tone of voice for your business is very important, as is perfecting your social image. The two go hand in hand really, so both need to be taken into consideration.

Enhancing your brand image on social media

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Portraying a negative attitude on your social media profiles can affect sales, as can portraying a positive attitude. You need to bear in mind your specific market. For example, if you’re a business specialising in finance, it’s likely you’ll have a more formal approach than a business in the sports industry. Although this might seem obvious to some, it is often ignored when it comes to social media.

If your tone of voice is easy going and down to earth, you could include some light humour. This can give businesses some good publicity. But remember, it could go equally as wrong if you use offensive language. Just think about what you’re saying. Stay clear of the blatant no go zones, such as racism, swearing and abusive behaviour. A slip up like that could instantly ruin your brand image, and put a huge strain on sales.

What to consider

When perfecting your tone of voice, you must consider your company traits. Think about what you as a business stand for and what you want your potential customers to think of you. Consider a strategy to encourage engagement with your followers. Perhaps include some questions in your posts, to show that your business cares about its customers.

Example of successful tone of voice

Paddy Power’s Twitter is a perfect example of successful humour. The admin of the company’s Twitter page received a text message from a random number. The admin used this opportunity to engage with Paddy Power’s followers, deciding to play with ‘wrong number Steve’ for a bit.

With the use of screenshots, the admin asked followers what to reply to Steve’s texts. The admin kept everyone up to date on the conversation, adding plenty of humour, such as quotes to the TV programme ‘Office’, and references to Paddy Power. They then finished up by offering ‘Steve’ a reward for being a good sport.

By having a friendly, fun tone of voice in their tweets, and with the use of some light humour; Paddy Power successfully gained a large amount of publicity. They gained plenty of new followers, hundreds and even thousands of retweets and lots of engagement with followers.

Read the full Paddy Power story (including screenshots) on the Metro’s website.

Why tone of voice is important

Having the right tone of voice can encourage sales, it can attract loyal customers and give your brand a good image. If a customer feels like they’re appreciated, and are given quick, friendly replies, then they are more likely to enjoy your service. This is why you must consider your tone of voice in every occasion, whether it be replying to an email, posting an update on social media or putting content on your website.

You could be missing out on thousands of potential buyers because you aren’t focusing fully on your audience. Are you engaging your customers? Are you portraying your company’s traits through tone of voice?

How to you ensure that your brand’s tone of voice is consistent across your social media?