Google is so much more than just the search engine at

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There are 4 main networks for advertisers who advertise using Google Adwords:

Google Search Network
Google Search Partners
Google Display Network

Through each of these there is then a number of formats in which the advertiser can communicate with their audience:

Text ads
Image ads

Below we give a brief description of each channel:

Google Search Network

The search network is all searches made on the Google search properties (such as,, .es, .au, etc). These consumers enter a search query into the search engine and get what is known as the Search Engine Results Page (or SERP).

This network only supports text ads although there are a number of additional features available such as site links, location extensions, product listing ads, etc.

Google Search Partners

Are a network of sites that incorporate Google search into their own site. As with the search network, on the partner network a user will enter a keyword (their search query) into a search box.

The search partners usually do not support site links or other ad extensions and may show the text ads differently to Google (colour and formatting of the text may be slightly different).

In order to opt into the Search Partners Network you must also be on the Search network.

Google Display Network

The Google display network covers around 85% percent of all websites (according to Google). Advertisers can show text and image ads on one of these sites based on various “targeting” options including:

What type of site they are on (fashion, music etc)
The content they are reading, based on keyword targeting
If that person has visited the advertiser site before (remarketing)


YouTube as a search ne Youtube is part of the Google Display Network so can be targeted as mentioned above. It also has a few additional elements that warrant it being named as a separate network. Google claim it is the second largest search engine based on the number of searches.

So on Youtube you can use image ads, text Ads and video ads.

The user can be shown the ads at various stages from the Youtube home page (this is simply, search page (this is the page the user gets after making a search on Youtube) to the watch page (where the user views the video).

This means that on Youtube users can be targeted in all the same ways as on the Display network also adding the ability to show ad while watching particular videos or particular types of video.

Also the ability to use video assets can give TV ads more reach and also enabling businesses on a tighter budget to use video ads to reach their customers.