The Next Content Generation

SEO is a continually changing, ever more complicated area of the web. As an online marketing agency we have to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that we are able to offer (and deliver) a service that provides results, and results that outweigh what we charge.

As you may have heard recently that Google have put even greater emphasis on the quality, amount, and freshness of the content on websites. Normally we advise, plan and strategise with our clients leaving the production of the content to them.

Business owners are business because they run businesses. It is often difficult to prioritise writing content above the day to day pressures of the business. Google however, is not best pleased when you don’t update your site with fresh relevant content. It has been noticeable that the sites that have regular content updates have faired better after the latest algorithm update.

So much so that we have developed a new offering within the business to help our clients who need content but are too busy running their business to produce it and stay ahead of the competition.

Here is a selection of the content types we provide:

Content re-writes:

This is for when you have the bear bones of the content, or it is not unique. We will take what you have an re-write it making it unique, and keyword rich to make sure it actually has SEO value.

Blog production

We can ensure your blog is continually ticking over with high quality relevant articles. Not only that but we ensure the blog articles link back to relevant pages on your site. Another way to help increase the way in which Google indexes your site.

New SEO Page

Sometimes you just need more content! In conjunction with our SEO content strategy we will now be able to produce the content required to build out the site and start targeting those keywords bring in the valuable traffic.

Link Outreach

Building high quality inbound links to a site is often fundamental to its success. In order to get these links it is important to offer something in return. Sometimes it is as simple as a guest post or guest article.

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