This was always going to be an interesting question for us as we all favour different social media platforms. The real interest here, was to find out how many of us immediately jump to a certain platform for agency updates, but opt for another when it comes to our own personal interests.

Part of digital marketing is about understanding where your target market is going to be, and identifying the best methods to interact with them – in the hope to build a relationship between you and your target market.

As expected really, Twitter won the vote for agency updates, but interestingly enough, Instagram came in joint second place with Facebook. And in all honestly, it looked like Instagram was going to be the favourite for a while.

But when we compare which platform was favoured for personal use, Twitter came in second place. It appears the majority of you actually prefer Facebook – Perhaps it’s a case of the larger functionality Facebook offers. …or maybe you just don’t want to be limited to 140 characters.

You’ll also spot that on a personal level, Pinterest made an appearance and is definitely one to keep an eye on as we’re starting to notice increased interest to build a presence on Pinterest.

Surprisingly, there was absolutely no mention of Snapchat though, which is supposed to be expanding further into the business sector. (Take a look at Snapchat attempting a search engine feature, for example.)

If there is anything to take away from this, it’s just how many different social channels are available to us, and how much content we can leverage even further if we dedicate efforts to utilise them. But remember if you are going to branch out to additional social media platforms, be sure to commit to it, as half attempts will only lose you followers.

Whilst we’re on the subject of social media, we just so happen to have a collection of GIANT Thursdays for social media marketing. Take a look at the social media playlist to see how you can further utilise all your social media channels.

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