On the 20th December the giants descended on The Grand Hotel in Folkestone for the Sleeping Giant Media Christmas party. It was an evening to eat, drink and be merry – and we definitely didn’t let the side down.

To start the evening we converged on SGM HQ, where the office had been transformed into a glittering winter wonderland, before being whisked off to The Grand for a three course meal. Suitably stuffed with turkey and desserts, we descended onto the dancefloor to flaunt our very best moves and dance off some of the copious amounts of food we had consumed.

As the music subsided and the evening came to a close, the giants wandered off into the night, reminiscing on the memorable moves displayed by a certain few team members (who will remain anonymous, for now…)

Now as the harsh light of Monday morning dawns on us and we continue to recover from our roast potato-induced food coma, and maybe a small hangover…very small…we are now full of festive spirit and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas Day. Three more days!