This week we crammed Sleeping Giant Media and Giant Campus into a convoy of cars and headed to the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCel London – the biggest marketing event of its kind in Europe (the perfect place to unleash a bunch of GIANTs, don’t you think?).

Stand 1040 was the spot we called home for the event, which meant that we had the opportunity to bring a whole array of purple-ness with us to make a GIANT impact on everyone that walked past.

The event, which ran over two days this week, featured a packed schedule of training sessions, which were delivered by our awesome team of Giant Campus professors, as well as talks from SGM experts. We also encouraged top work recreating famous movie scenes (check some out below) and made tons of fantastic memories – with new both and old faces.



To celebrate this fantastic event and all the amazing things that happened while we were there, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite moments:


  1. Recreating famous movie scenes with the help of a few friends.



  1. Smashing 10 amazing sold out workshops each day of the event, with tons of people attending!




  1. Sam accidentally propositioning four American ladies by giving them his hotel room card instead of a business card (he did get a MailChimp rainbow badge out of it, though!)


  1. Not having power for the first hour of the event (Tech troubles? What tech troubles?)


  1.  Delivering an awesome Lights, Camera, Action Giant Campus workshop (complete with FLAWLESS live demonstration)



  1. Enjoying a little team dinner to celebrate a success on day 1!


  1. Overcoming a 4:30am fire alarm at the hotel (Lee’s sleepy face told the whole story)


  1. The intimate SGM SOS Q&A session – and answering all of the great questions from the audience!


  1. Taking the opportunity of SGM CEO Luke Quilter being at the B2B Marketing Expo for a few days to trial a new head of the company…



  1. Getting the chance to meet and talk to all of the awesome people who came to see us at our stand over the course of the event, as well as all of the super cool stands we got to visit; including 8×8, MailChimp and Ogury – who had a seriously swanky VIP lounge! (Did someone say merch?)


One thing’s for sure – 20 talks over 2 days to over 600 people = a seriously busy bunch of GIANTs! The SGM and Giant Campus teams worked super hard to ensure that the event was a success, and hopefully, the attendees all had an amazing couple of days enjoying all things marketing. See you next year!