Mobile offers a platform for engagement, research and comparison. Whether it’s SEO or PPC optimisation we will make sure our clients are not missing out on mobile traffic.

Mobile devices are no longer just used for communication but for browsing the internet, social networking and, increasingly, shopping. Mobile sales are escalating so it’s important that businesses harness this potential. Mobile marketing can reach a large demographic. According to Google’s Our Mobile Planet survey, smartphone users are heavy multitaskers, with 80% using their phone while doing other things. Also, 85% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone, and 81% take action as a result. As mobile devices become more widely available and accessible to all these figures can only grow. This offers an unmissable opportunity to connect and engage with these consumers.

In addition to optimising your brand’s site for mobile, Sleeping Giant Media can create mobile ads for your brand, specifically targeted at mobile users. We understand the importance of mobile activity and its vital role in conversion path. We can tailor our mobile optimisation to the clients’ goals - whether it’s mobile specific CTAs, mobile specific or call-only ads - we will make sure mobile works for, and not against, our client. For more on mobile advertising read our specific pages listed below.

Mobile marketing - what is it?

Mobile marketing is the relationship between any company and a customer using the mobile web. As mentioned above, this is now a large proportion of the market as a whole so is something to be focussed on. The first task for mobile marketing is to ensure that your brand’s site is actually compatible with mobile devices. We will ensure that your site is fully optimised for mobile. Using our specialist knowledge of mobile advertising Sleeping Giant Media works with clients to develop a campaign optimised specifically for mobile users. This is necessary because mobile devices are not used in the same way as desktop devices, so the advertising should be adapted to meet the needs of the constantly connected consumer. Mobile usage is growing and cannot be ignored.