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Why e-commerce matters

Online marketing is vital for e-commerce. A business that operates solely online needs customers. Using digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation, paid search and social media marketing helps you to be found by potential customers and drive relevant traffic to your site so that you can increase your sales. We offer a wide range of services that have e-commerce applications.

Paid search, most commonly referred to as pay per click (PPC), is a method of advertising on search engines so that you can put your e-commerce site and products in front of customers who are looking to buy the products that you sell. PPC ads sit above, below and to the right of natural listings on search engine result pages.

They are called pay per click because, unsurprisingly, the advertiser pays the search engine whenever someone clicks on the ad. Another form of PPC is Google Product Listings which shows images of products with their price and the name of the merchant on the search engine result page. There is also remarketing which is a way to increase the return on investment (ROI) of paid search. If someone leaves your site without buying anything a tag is placed in the cookies on their computer. When they visit other websites that are in Google’s Display Network they see ads relating to your site. This helps your brand to stick in their mind, reminds them of the products that they were thinking of buying and the idea is that they may well return to your site to make the purchase.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about improving where your website is found on search engine result pages. The higher up in the listings you are the more traffic your site will receive, which will hopefully increase your sales. Search engines use a complex algorithm to determine how they rank sites and it’s our job as SEO experts, not to know exactly how this algorithm works since the search engines keep these secrets pretty close to their chests, but to understand how to optimise websites to influence their ranking. We can do this by keeping abreast of industry news and updates and through invaluable first-hand experience. We have a wealth of SEO experience working with e-commerce clients so we are well-placed to work on SEO strategies with you.


Presence on social networking sites helps to improve brand awareness. Social signals such as likes, pins, tweets, etc. are essentially votes in favour of your brand and are one of the myriads of factors taken into consideration by search engines when they are ranking results in order of relevance for its users. Links to your also allow search engines to consider your site to be relevant to searchers.

Mobile marketing is especially important for e-commerce because customers want to be able to make purchases from their mobile phones and tablets. People are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for search, and this will only be on the rise as Google predict that mobile search will overtake searches conducted on a PC. Your e-commerce site needs to be compatible with mobile devices. Search engine result pages look different on mobiles too so it’s important to understand this when managing PPC campaigns.

E-commerce is usually an impersonal buying experience for the customer. Online reputation is important especially if it’s a high-value product that you’re selling. Think of eBay feedback. This is one of the simplest forms on online reputation. If you’re buying something of high value but the seller doesn’t have very good feedback you’re not going to buy from them.

Consumers research their purchases and one of the things that they’re looking for, aside from price, is assurance that they are dealing with a reputable company. Will their goods arrive? What happens if there’s a problem, can they return the item without issue or will it become a problem? What’s the customer service like? Consumers have a public voice now more than ever what with social networks, online review sites, forums, blogs, etc. Managing your online reputation means monitoring the web for mentions of your brand and managing the situation in the most appropriate way. Don’t leave reputation to chance, it’s too important.


Analytics is all about monitoring traffic, bounce rate, etc. Using Analytics allows you to see how many people come to your website, which pages they visit, how long they stay on the site for, etc. Performance is measured against set goals and this is how you can assess your return on investment and manage your online marketing campaigns.

The services listed above are just a selection of what we offer. We tailor our products for each client and will work with you to plan the strategy and deliver the results that you want. If you would like any further information please feel free to explore our website in greater depth and do get in touch if you would like to speak to us. We don’t bite!

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