Agency White Label

The white label search offering is a great way to quickly and effectively add a high level of search expertise to your business with a very low risk.

Benefits of agency white label
  • Avoid an expensive and exhaustive recruitment process
  • Offer your clients an outstanding level of search expertise within weeks instead of months
  • Access to all the work we provide, which will provide a vital insight into how customers reach and interact with the client’s site.

"As a small web design agency, you have helped us to punch significantly above our weight for joint pitches on big projects."


Why use agency white label?

Would you like to add the services of a digital marketing agency to your business but don’t have the expertise or budget? Sleeping Giant Media has the solution to help you expand your business without the time, cost and risks associated with building a new service offering.

Working with search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can be very simple until something goes wrong. Finding someone to speak to at the respective search engines can be very difficult. Sleeping Giant Media has dedicated account teams with the major three search engines so any PPC campaigns we run for you are covered by our on going support, as well as the search engines’.

Our “white label” option allows you to offer our services as if they were your own. We are already very popular with many UK agencies that have successfully expanded their traditional marketing or design services with our tailored digital marketing services. We take away the stress and allow you to compete as a full service agency. We work under a cloak of secrecy when working for your brand, no one will never know it wasn’t you.

White label services

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