It’s trendy to be trending.




It’s like being the popular kid at school. Everyone wants to talk to you. And about you.


Social media gives the world a chance to gossip; sharing secrets, scandal and cat memes. Ongoing debates rage across Twitter. iPhone users vs… pretty much everyone else is a common theme, particularly surrounding the release date of any new models.

Knowing how to enter into a dialogue with your audience ‘naturally’ via topics they are already talking about is a great digital marketing technique. Taking advantage of search trends and hopping on trending topics allows you to naturally generate brand awareness. A search trend or trending topic/hashtag is a particular theme that is experiencing a surge in popularity, usually down to national or international events and discourse. The iPhone release date is a global happening certain to spark a huge volume of search traffic and conversation across platforms.

Trending hashtags on platforms like Twitter give marketers the opportunity to identify the topics on which the internet is currently most vocal. Most internet fans are aware that one viral video can spark a wave of traffic and likewise, tweeting around a viral topic can engage your audience in a conversation and raise your brand awareness.

Anticipating a trend is even better. Knowing what your customers WILL be looking for gives you a chance to plan ahead. The early bird catches the worm…the early blog post gets the traffic.  Better yet, if you can set a trend and create your own #hashtag which trends then success is yours (so long as you can avoid the Twitter Wall Of Shame; no one wanted to go to #susanalbumparty).

Identify what YOUR audience is interested in.


Digital marketing is all about anticipating and reacting to your audience and their online journey. Being able to isolate what your audience is interested in and positioning your company to provide for or react to it is the kind of marketing goal that many businesses are desperate for.

Imagine you run a vegan cheese company and it’s International Save a Cow Day next week. Reacting to the trending hashtag or speaking to vocal groups during the day is great, but anticipating it in advance and creating a huge social media campaign is better. Adopt a cow, tweet a cow selfie, prepare a blog post on the benefits of coconut-based ‘cheese’. Make the best use of #internationalsaveacowday.


We are Sleeping Giant Media; search nerds with a passion for technology, search marketing and the web. We know that our audience will share a lot of our interests (and Google search history!) So we are pretty sure that if we are searching ‘iPhone X leak’ ‘iPhone x features’ and ‘iPhone X update’ on the reg, you will be too.

But we also don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love sharing a little tech humour around the office. There are only so many articles you can read on Google algorithm updates after all.

So we wanted to create something that would not only catch the interest of all the eager beaver iPhone fans (or haters) but also give them something to lol at. Something that they might share with iPhone fanatic pals who might share it with their Dad who might share it with his sister who might be the CEO of a brand (who conveniently needs some SEO) who would then click through to our homepage because GOSH DARNIT we’re funny.


That’s how our ‘iPhone X feature updates’ video campaign came about.


The iPhone X will be officially launched on Tuesday (12th September) amid much furore over various ‘leaks’ of the updated features. #iPhoneX is almost guaranteed to be one of the top trending topics on Twitter and no doubt Google will be inundated with searches for ‘new iPhone features’. We are hopping onto that search trend with a ‘sneak peak leak’ into the ‘new iPhone features’. (SPOILER ALERT: We lied. Although we weren’t always far off…)


We’re tapping into the conversation around the release. Anyone searching around the new iPhone can organically find our video, but anyone who likes taking the mickey out of iPhone users will share, tag and spread it around (#androidforlife #ongoingofficedebate). Thus; we are a viral sensation. Or you wouldn’t have read this far…


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