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There is something innately British about not only dealing with negatives, but actually seeing the qualities as being, in some way, a bit charming. There is a reason why the expression “keep calm and carry on” is emblazoned on every t-shirt, mug and motivational poster in shops up and down the country.

When it comes to London, the same high rental prices, cramped tube lines and packed high streets that irk those that live and work in the city, are the points that they use to justify their love for the metropolitan city lifestyle.

As with everything, there is an alternative. Take it from us, life outside can be just as sweet and charming as London – and with about half the average rental price to boot. Bear with us, and we’ll convince you that there are some real benefits to business outside of the Big Smoke.


1. The High Speed service is a game changer

One of the biggest considerations for startups is their proximity to their customers. Many people choose to start their business in London because that is where the people are at. High Speed trains change things. Now people can get from Ashford International to London St Pancras, or one of the many other stops it visits along the way, in less time that it takes to tube through many parts of London. Sure it is a little more expensive than the average train fare, but when you consider the difference in cost of living, the train ticket seems much less of a burden.  


2. Rooms with a view

Unless you have a few thousand a month to shell out on some of the pricier locations in London, you will often be looking at a small office tucked away somewhere not so glamorous. Here at GIANT towers, a look outside our windows will offer you a glimpse of the North Downs on one side and the English Channel on the other (you can even see France on a good day). Having an inspiring view can be a great way to impress new clients, and it makes meetings slightly more enjoyable and varied than simply travelling from one London office to another London office.


3. The company

In recent years, more and more businesses have started to move outside of the city. The tech industry has found real success with this, particularly as their online-focused businesses make physical locations less of an immediate concern.

Moving outside of London is quickly losing its hipster appeal, as more and more businesses cotton onto the benefits. So, for the love of the flannel shirt industry, if you’re thinking about making a break for it and joining the coastal club, perhaps don’t wait too long – or you may find you’re late to the party.


4. Cheaper rent

According to a recent article by the Financial Times, London has the lowest rate of start-up survival in the UK; only 50.1% of companies formed in 2013 stayed in business for three years. That is a pretty shocking statistic. For all its appeal, London is an expensive city, especially for start-up businesses, and rent alone can price people out of success – leaving them struggling to find funds to expand and grow.  

Starting a business outside of London allows you more flexibility to try new things and reach new customers, simply because it is less expensive – and fewer people are doing it.


5. The community

Whether it is blankly staring straight ahead on the Tube, or weaving through a crowd of people in the busy London streets, the paradoxical solitude of London makes it much more difficult to get involved with the people around you.

Getting out of the city to somewhere with fewer people means that it is easier to build upon and benefit from the local community. At Sleeping Giant Media we love part of the Folkestone community and getting involved, whether that is by sponsoring or working on local events, hosting our own, or running free business training sessions through Giant Campus.

Because of this, we have met awesome people, found new clients, won awards and grown as a company, simply from being a part of the community.


In summary

It’s worth saying that we are by no means against London. The sprawling metropolis is chock full of incredible people, businesses and history. That being said, for a company which is celebrating our 10th anniversary in Folkestone, we can fully attest to the merits of coastal life.

What do you think? Is London life worth the extra money, or are you enjoying business life outside of the big city? Wing us a Tweet or head over to Facebook to let us know.

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