Google are always coming up with new functions and tools that can help advertisers promote their products.

Google Remarketing Lists for Search Sleeping Giant Media PPC Recently Google released a new Beta call “Remarketing Lists for Search”. If you have not heard of remarketing, please check out this post. To cut a long story short remarketing is advertising to users who have already visited your site.

The Beta allows different bids on keywords bid in the search market, dependant on whether users have visited the site before or not.

It is often the case that most users will go through a research phase before they enter the buying phase, this is clear to see if looking at conversion paths (can be see in Google Analytics). It is also often the case that users who have been to your site before are a little more likely to convert than someone who has never even heard of your site.

Remarketing lists for search will allow advertisers to have two (search network) bids, one for users that are not in any remarketing list and one for those that are.

This tool could be really useful and could open a whole range of terms that are usually not profitable because they are just a little too generic or have a broader meaning. Take for example the term “hotels”, all we really know is that the person wants to know something about, or find, some hotels. Whereas “hotels near heathrow” tells me a lot more about what the user actually wants.

So let’s take in a scenario, if I only sell airport hotels there is only a proportion of this market that has a chance of converting into a sale on the term “hotels” because the search intent could be so broad (Is it a local hotel? Where is local? Is it a hotel in the UK or abroad? Maybe they just love hotels or are doing are doing some research for their hospitality degree… I could go on). This can make appearing on the broad terms quite expensive.

With remarketing for search it would be possible to show ads on these types of term to users who have been to the site. So there is a much higher likelihood that the user is a potential customer.

I think this will be great to allow PPC campaigns to focus on more research-type terms. It could also be done to do the reverse and bid lower for users that have already been to the site and then searched on brand terms if you have strong brand SEO presence (although, I always recommend running brand keywords through PPC even with strong SEO, it is such cheap traffic and makes the site look more authoritative).

To set up remarketing lists for search just speak to your Google Account Manager to have your account whitelisted. The other great thing is that if you already have remarketing tags these can be used to create the remarketing audiences (the people that have been to your site).

We will update this post when we have had time to use re-marketing for search, it sounds very intriguing.