Raising ROI: Case Studies

How we’ve boosted return on investment for our clients

In today’s competitive business landscape, ROI is considered one of the most important metrics when it comes to determining how profitable and efficient your marketing efforts are.

Whether you’re speaking to your boss or the board, ROI is more than likely to come up in conversations about marketing at least once.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve hand-crafted an impressive range of digital marketing services geared towards maximising the ROI of marketing efforts. From optimised PPC campaigns to targeted paid social ads, we can help you find that sweet spot of targeted input/ maximum output.

From supply chain risk management companies to insurance businesses, find out how we’ve maximised return on investments for our clients below.

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Maximising ROI for Achilles


We worked with the wider Achilles organisation to provide paid search and social services with a focus on lead generation. Working in both the UK and Spain, we had to ensure that our campaigns were multilingual.

Due to the fact that Achilles has two clear buyer sectors, ‘buyers’ and ‘suppliers’ — although, at times, there may be cross over between the two — making a clear audience strategy was key.

Our key KPI was increasing leads so we really honed in on targeting and developing an effective messaging strategy for their ads.


Becoming an extension of their team, our Giants worked with multiple departments and adhered to numerous budgets to deliver ROI per business area and strategy, focusing mainly on increasing lead generation levels.


Increase in revenue

Enhancing ROI for Saga Insurance Services


Our team of Giants worked alongside the Saga in-house marketing and technical teams to grow their insurance website’s SEO rankings and subsequent SEO performance.

Our approach focused heavily on ROI through generating and implementing a robust strategy for both technical on-page SEO and content optimisation.


As a result of our efforts, the Saga Insurance Services website experienced significant year-on-year traffic and revenue growth, driven by keyword increases across the project period. In fact, we increased revenue by 105% over the course of the project.

Want to boost your ROI?

If you’d like to experience similar results for your site, maximising the amount you make from your marketing efforts, get in touch with our team of expert marketers who can help pave your way to profitability today.

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When it comes to core marketing metrics, we’ve got you covered. We make it our mission to achieve excellent results across the field — from increasing organic traffic or boosting blog activity to raising conversions like form submissions. Whatever our clients’ goals are, we harness our services to get the best results.

Find out more about our successful work today.

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