It’s hard to believe that I will have been working at Sleeping Giant for 6 months on 1st April. In some ways it feels like I’ve been here ages. I think the fact that there have been three more new starters since October compounds that feeling. I’ve settled in really well as the team are all so easy to get along with. It’s like coming to work with your mates: we work hard but have a good laugh as well.

In the beginning…

Rachel Lowe Content Writer Sleeping Giant Media
I’ve learnt so much over the last four months. I came to Sleeping Giant with a background in travel blogging and a working knowledge of social media. I’ve been on a content writing learning curve and along the way have learnt so much about the services and products that our clients offer, from false eyelashes to ratchet straps. Our client base is so diverse! I’ve also learnt about header tags and other little snippets of html coding that’s really useful for formatting posts and pages on WordPress, in addition to the basics of how SEO and PPC actually work.

Time flies when you’re having fun!

As I mentioned earlier the whole team gets on really well. We had a team night out at the end of my first week, which was a great way to get to know everyone a bit better, and since then we’ve also enjoyed our Christmas party and several Friday evening trips to the pub, where I’ve demonstrated my inability to play pool! We also have a thing about cake. None of us are impartial to a slice (or two!). Now our resident cake baker, Heather, is on maternity leave the baking baton is being passed around the office. On Justine’s birthday we decided to have a bit of a “cake off” and three of us brought in cake, much to her surprise! That was not a week for dieters. Check out this cake Justine made a couple of months ago!

Looking forward

I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of this year play out. I can only see good things to come. I love to learn and I feel lucky to work in such an environment where everyone enjoys sharing their knowledge. The best thing is, I’ve found my calling in life!