As a business, we’re being proactive to protect our staff and our services and to be able to continue business as usual in the wake of the Coronavirus situation.



Kent Business takes matters in their own (thoroughly washed) hands.

Back in September of 2019 Sleeping Giant Media staged a live test that saw the business work remotely for two days to simulate the very real possibility of M20 chaos following Brexit. This test saw the business roll out mobile working from home solutions that included laptops, mobile meeting technology and ways to maintain company culture. The success of this test saw the business operate at normal capacity during the two days, and they are looking to recreate this test again to prepare for possible future disruption associated with the COVID-19 situation and the governments anticipated ‘Delay’ phase.


The business, that is anything other than Sleeping, has taken proactive steps to mitigate the risks associated with such an event, and from Wednesday 11th March will operate a remote worker policy meaning all staff will work from home allowing them to robustly test all of the day-to-day processes and systems remotely, for a proposed two week period.


Luke Quilter, Sleeping Giant Media CEO says “We need to keep this in perspective and deal with this as we would with any other challenge to the business. The biggest challenge we face would be the impact of all of us having COVID-19 at the same time and the impact that would have on normal business activity.


This is just a test, a trial to make sure we have the capability to operate like this, which is good for now, and for possible future events. Other than the location of our staff its very much business as usual, with face to face meetings in and out of the office happening as normal.


The welfare of our staff and the quality of our service is of our utmost importance. It looks like the Coronavirus will have an impact on us in some format, and it is possible that some or all of us may contract it at some point. 

As with everything we do we are looking at being pro-active and to explore ways in which we can reduce the impact on the business to ensure sustainability and service delivery whilst always considering the health and wellbeing of our people.

Ideally, the perfect outcome will be a built and tested robust process that will hopefully, never need to be used for an extended period of time.”





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