PPC Vs SEO – a balanced approach

I have come across a number of SEO diehards who seem to believe that PPC is some form of online advertising evil. You can read a number of blogs, or attend various presentations that try to point out the failings of PPC and how SEO is superior in every way.

In my opinion this is somewhat short sighted.

SEO and PPC should be used to support one another and ensure you are developing your online strategy effectively. Does this mean that you have to do SEO and PPC together or have the same agency run both… no, but I will go into that in more detail in the next blog.

There is no point me listing out the advantages of PPC over SEO, (there are many) in answer to these SEO fanatics. However, I have just tried to point out a few areas in which the these disciplines can work.

Here are some points to consider:

– PPC can provide you a quick set of results to ensure your long term investment in SEO is aimed at the correct keywords. There is no point at guessing what keywords to optimise, only to find out they are the wrong ones 6 months and several thousand pounds later.

– There is a huge amount of flexibility in PPC and measurable metrics that you just don’t get with SEO. It is important to leverage this flexibility within PPC. For example, putting special offers, or up coming events through PPC so that you are appearing within minutes, and deep linking to a highly relevant landing pages. All the information gathered from this can be fed back into your SEO strategy.

– Through our experience we have seen an uplift in CTR, (Click Through Rate) by having a listing within both the SEO and PPC areas. Again using both to support each other should be the approach.

Both SEO and PPC should be part of the online mix, and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Saying “use one, but not the other” is simply not the right way to look at things. Just as concentrating on online activities without considering the offline interactions, which is another common trap companies fall into.

Blog written by Luke Quilter

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