YouTube Masthead Now Available & Google Ads Editor Updates! – Digital News Roundup – 02.08.19

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Welcome to August! Let’s celebrate by talking about updates to Google Ads Editor, a new bill to combat tech addiction, Facebook ad tests, good news for WhatsApp fans, and big change over on the YouTube Masthead.

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There’s some prime advertising real estate available now, get ready to smash it… ????


Google updates Ads Editor & Keyword Planner with new features

Google has released updates to both the Keyword Planner tool and the Google Ads Editor, including a bunch of new features (did someone say dark mode?!).

For the Google Ads Editor, the upgrades come following the rebrand back in March. Now, new features include exact search, for more specific search results when filtering, and an image picker to help you choose images for different fields. Oh, and DARK MODE! Your emo-self can rejoice once more, with the option to switch the UI appearance. 

With Keyword Planner, you can now see the most relevant keyword ideas based on your seed keyword – with the option to “broaden your search” by adding recommended words. There will also now be website filtering, only showing keywords that are most closely related to your business, and brand exclusions, where you can exclude keywords that include a brand term. 

The updates have got a very positive response here at GIANT Towers (and not just because of dark mode…), so let us know what you think if you upgrade – or read more over at SEO Roundtable


US Senator pushing bill which would ban autoplay videos and endless scrolling

US Sen. Josh Hawley is sponsoring a bill designed to combat the tech industry’s “addictive design” – particularly focused on things like autoplay videos and endless scrolling. 

The  Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or SMART Act, would ban features that keep people on platforms longer, or incentivise their continued use. “Big tech has embraced a business model of addiction,” Hawley said. “Too much of the ‘innovation’ in this space is designed not to create better products, but to capture more attention by using psychological tricks that make it difficult to look away.”

If the bill becomes law, social media companies would need to implement tools that track platform usage across all devices – similar to those already used by Apple. It would also make it unlawful to use “dark patterns” to manipulate users into accepting services, alongside other forms of deceptive design. 

Josh Golin, executive director of campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, said that “social media companies deploy a host of tactics designed to manipulate users in ways that undermines their wellbeing” – and this bill could potentially help to mitigate some of these negative effects. 

Read more on the story, including what could come next, over at The Verge.


Advertisers rejoice! YouTube Masthead now available with CPM buying

Following successful testing, YouTube has now announced that the Masthead will be globally available to all advertisers on a CPM basis. 

Previously, the Masthead was typically reserved on a cost-per-day (CPD) basis, with one advertiser appearing per country. Now however there will also be the option to purchase the space on a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) basis, with the option to customise who sees it through advanced audience solutions.

In the announcement blog, YouTube states that due to the premium placement at the top of the homepage, paired with the flexibility of CPM and guaranteed reach, “the opportunity to drive impact with the Masthead has never been greater.”  

You can preview the Masthead here, or check out the blog over on the Google Ads announcement. You can also find out more on YouTube advertising in one of our latest blogs. 


Facebook’s search ad test now coming to more brands

It looks like Facebook is expanding its search ad test to more brands this week, following a small US test late last year. 

The update gives the option to run ads in the primary search results and Marketplace search results, and shows that Facebook’s initial test to see if the ads were beneficial must have gone well. The format is similar to News Feed ads, with a headline, copy text and image, as well as the option to include a “Sponsored” tag – among other features. 

According to reports, the ads will show for queries that are deemed to have “the same commercial intent” – meaning advertisers won’t be able to select keywords or phrases for the search ad campaigns.

The search ads option is still limited to a small group of advertisers, focused on the retail, auto and e-commerce sectors, so it will be interesting to see if it rolls out to wider sectors. Read more at Net Imperative


Facebook set to cull thousands of outdated interest targets from advertising platform

Facebook has this week announced that it will be removing “thousands of outdated and infrequently used interest targets” – with the targets being deprecated across all Facebook Ad interfaces. 

The move will get rid of things like old movie and band names, and will mean that they’re no longer available for new campaigns. If you happen to be currently using any of the targets in existing campaigns then you’ll be notified in August of the coming change. A specific date for the final removal hasn’t been set, but it’s thought that advertisers will get a couple of months post-notification, before being prompted to change their targets. 

Graham Mudd, VP of product marketing for ads at Facebook, said that the “vast majority” of advertisers won’t notice the removals. While there could be some niche-related edge cases that are affected, it’s likely that it will in fact make life easier for advertisers – who will have fewer options to wade through. Mudd said that advertisers should expect to see “continued focus on streamlining process and features” as part of an effort to make the platform easier to use – so keep your eyes peeled for more changes. Read more at Marketing Land


WhatsApp could be planning an update that will fundamentally change how you use the app

Leaks have revealed that an upcoming WhatsApp update could mean that you’re finally able to use the app across multiple devices – similar to essentially every other social media application. 

The rumour, which came from WeBetaInfo, will mean that WhatsApp is finally a truly multi-device experience, allowing people to sign in whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Until now, users could only link their account to a single phone number, meaning only one device could be used. 

According to the leak, the new system will sync across all devices, showing the latest messages no matter where you’re looking. The upgrade will also see improved end-to-end encryption to support the multi-device capability. While there’s no official release date at this time, it’s expected that the launch will come in the next few months. Check out more on the detail at The Independent


Don’t forget to check out some of our recent blog posts for some more digital marketing-themed goodness, or we’ll see you back here next week – same time, same place.


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