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Jokes – but are your headlines as good as they can be? ????‍♀️

We’ve all seen the kind of clickbait blog titles floating around on the internet that promise 5 ways to change your life forever, or scientific reasons why your cat definitely hates you (spoiler alert – all cats are demons). But why, even though we know exactly what they’re doing, do we find ourselves clicking on these headlines and gorging ourselves on every last seedy word? 

Well, because they’re good headlines. When we’re browsing through the internet or flicking through our social channels we’re bombarded with content – from news articles and opinion pieces to blogs, memes and images. During this process, we’re mentally filtering out things that we like the look of, and things that we’ve already decided aren’t going to interest us. And a lot of that comes down to the headline. 

Stats show that, on average, only about 20% of the people that read your headline click through to your article – which shows you just how much traffic you could be missing out on due to a lacklustre headline. 

Here, we’ve rounded up a few ways to craft eye-catching headlines that help entice people to make that all important click. Remember, keep an eye out for number 4…(sorry, we can’t help it). 

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Make it compelling 

As we’ve mentioned, the internet is literally full of content, and if you want people to read yours you have to make it compelling. Use your headline to evoke interest, fascinate your readers, and mesmerise them with your magical word-smithery. Just make sure that it’s valid and reasoned – and not full of fluff. 

Know who you’re talking to 

You’ll have heard us banging the audience research drum in more than a few of our blogs, but it really rings true when it comes to headlines. Think about who your audience is, and what they like to read, and use this to tailor your headlines. Do they appreciate a joke? Do they like facts? Are they looking for long-form pieces? Keep this in mind when you write. 

3 reasons to use numbers 

Using numbers in headlines is a proven way to increase engagement, as numbers have a tendency to be more eye catching on a page. They also help to let people know more about what they can expect from the content, which is good for online scannability.

Consider clickbait 

While clickbait can be annoying, there’s no arguing with the fact that it works. It gets people to click. However, it’s a risky line to walk. If you decide you’re going to incorporate some clickbait tactics into your headline, make sure you back it with some top-notch content to keep readers entertained. 

Three is the magic number 

When it comes to writing headlines, write more than one. Doing this helps to get your creative juices flowing, and gives you the chance to take a step back and pick the best one. Whether it’s three, or five, or 18 – write as many variations as you need to help you find the best one. 


While there are a few tips and tricks out there to entice people into clicking on your article, the most important thing to remember is, well, be real. If you’re writing top quality, unique, entertaining content, then it’s likely that a great headline will come naturally. Don’t force it, and don’t oversell and underdeliver.

Oh, and please, if you say there’ll be 7 tips, make sure there are 7 tips. Trust me – people will count. 

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