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Upgrading Google Analytics 360 & Free to Google Analytics 4

On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics from Google Analytics will be replaced by the new “next-generation measurement solution” Google Analytics 4.

Universal Analytics will stop processing new hits, so if you rely on UA, Google and us at Sleeping Giant Media, recommend you prepare to use Google Analytics 4 – moving over as soon as possible.

Who will be impacted by Universal Analytics closing down?

Simply answer the following question… did you create your GA property before October 14, 2020 or after?

If you created the property before October 2020, you’re likely using Universal Analytics.

If you created your property after October 2020, you’re likely using Google Analytics 4.

What are the impacts for Google Analytics users?

Our Head of Data, Chris Hirlemann shared:

  • Anyone using Google Analytics will need to get GA4 setup ideally by June 30th 2023 or they will not have YoY data available (there won’t be a way to import from Universal Analytics to GA4)
  • Users will need to consider exporting and storing their data – Google says you’ll be able to access your UA data for about 6 months after it switches over in June 2023 – but says it won’t be around forever…
  • GA4 is very different to Universal Analytics – so you’ll need to make time to learn the platform
  • You’ll want to start collecting data by July 2022 in order to have clear YoY data when the switch happens in 2023

How to upgrade to Google Analytics 4

We’ve put together a guide to help you upgrade existing Universal Analytics properties into Google Analytics 4 properties which you can download by hitting the button below and filling in your email. Once you’ve followed the guide, all you’ll need to do is send the tag generated to your developer, or implement it yourself in Google Tag Manager.

How to tell if a website is using GA4


In addition to this, our award-winning Data team are able to help with the following data services relating to Google Analytics 4:

  • Set up
  • Data extraction and store
  • Training on how to use

Just get in touch if you’d like us to take the stress of a GA to GA4 migration off your hands…

We can’t stress enough the importance of making sure this migration of data is done in a timely and accurate manner in order for you to continue using Analytics to inform future marketing activities.


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