Currently, a lot of advertisers are still reluctant to use a large chunk of their budget for the Internet as they still view TV advertising as the main vehicle for building a brand.

However, according to a 2015 survey from video advertising software provider, BrightRoll, around 72% of ad agencies say online video advertising is just as effective (if not more effective), than television.

BrightRoll says agencies have seen an 88.6% increase in client interest around video ads since 2012. The survey further found that 41% of people believe online video ads are more effective than TV, while 31% claimed they are as effective.
So what are the advantages of online advertising in comparison to TV advertising?

 1. It’s a lot cheaper!
For a fraction of the cost, a business can use all the elements of digital marketing and get a greater return on their investment.

2. Specific targeting
Although TV has tried to create some targeted marketing, online marketing is a lot more specific in its focus.

3. Flexibility
Using online marketing techniques trumps any offline ones. For example, a business is able to make quick adjustments to a specific advertisement, content correction, or even an entire marketing campaign.

4. It’s great for tracking
While TV advertising does have some reporting and analytics capabilities, online campaigns can track and analyse every action:  From the number of emails that were opened, to the number of clicks on a site to name a few.

5. Key Information
On TV, your time is very limited when getting info across. The beauty of online advertising and marketing is that you can provide a brief Twitter or Facebook announcement followed by a link that offers much more information for those who are interested.

6. Feedback
A simple click or a few words in a comment can provide you priceless information on how visitors are reacting to your online posts. 


If you’d like even more advice on the battle between TV and Online Advertising, tune into Rob’s video below on why online video is so successful and what that means for advertisers.