Google Plus

Google Plus

Ok, so here is what we know!

Google seems set to challenge the likes of Facebook with a brand new social sharing site that will be called Google+

The idea is that Google+ will allow you to create groups of friends and acquaintances known as “Circles”. The driving concept is that rather than sharing ‘everything’ with ‘everyone’, you will be able to share your thoughts in a more targeted manner.

This may mean that the classic ‘Facebook Fail’ of sharing your less noble moments with your work colleagues and seniors may become easier to avoid in future.

There seem to be four main features to Google’s new networking platform:




Instant Photo Sharing

To get a quick overview of Google+ check out the video below.


Google +1 Implications and Summary

Google have now officially launched the +1 button for the PPC ads. We thought it may be worth summarising the key points and giving you a few things to consider. Firstly, this is very new so there is no way to determine if this will be the next big thing or just a flash in the pan like Google wave.. (remember that.. didn’t think so). What I would say though is that Google are likely to make a good fist of this as they try to get a slice of the ever more lucrative social pie. This will no doubt tie into their new social platform: Google plus Click here to read more.
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Google +1 key points

– Google +1 buttons will start appearing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) next to ads and organic listings
– It only appears if you are signed into Google and one of your friends has +1’ed it (friends are determined by being in your gmail, or google address book)
– There are 2 ways to +1 a page
1. Click a +1 button on the page
2. Click a +1 button next to an ad on the SERP
Once a page or add has been plus one’d
– The +1 button will based on landing page i.e. if you point a PPC ad at a page which has been +1’ed then it will potentially have the +1 logo appear next to your advert
– If the same page appears in the natural listings then it too will have the +1 logo next to it

– Comments will also potentially be pulled in from social signals i.e. if you have a twitter account and someone comment on a product and links to it, this could be pulled into the serp next to the ad or listing

Google +1 Likely impacts

– IF (and it is a big IF at this point, as a lot of things have to be in place for the +1 logo to show) the +1 badge appears then it will likely increase click through rates and subsequently impact quality score
– IF it gains momentum in the market it may encourage people to link PPC ads to SEO pages that rank in order to have the button appear for both listings
– This could be the start of Googles social integration, and could be an increasingly important factor in ranking in the future
– Maybe this will encourage more people to use Gmail and update their address books?

Take away actions

– Add the +1 button to your site on product/blog posts (1 per page, as any more is pointless) there are no downsides to this.
– Keep an eye on the impact on performance
– Potentially review the site structure if it does take off to allow for more relevant +1’s
– Start using your gmail account more, updating your address book with contacts so you can see what your pals are +1’ing?

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For more details, and instructions on how to add the +1 button to your site:
Google site with the details…

Will you be using it? Let us know your thoughts

Google Plus

Adding Google +1 to WordPress

How to add Google plus one to wordpress

Really simple

1. add this code to your template file before the tag :

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

2. Use this code on the page where you want it to appear:
<g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

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Adding Google +1 to WordPress

Google Plus 1

Google Plus 1

Google +1 Experiment

So, it’s finally here! The Google Plus One!

The question is, is this an integration of search and social? Or is this simply a new social layer to search that will offer limited integration, but essentially just a “social layer” as it’s already been labelled?

Well I’d be interested in your thoughts, ultimately, coming from a PPC background, anything that may give me more SERP real-estate and help to differentiate me from the competition is good! However, how is this really meant to work? I’ve already read numerous blog posts that identify the “hindsight” approach…. So essentially for this to work, I’m going to need to find and view a site that I like, then either hit back in the browser or re-search the term, re-find the site and then plus 1 it! Or, like we have on this page, can you only plus 1 the site via the button on the page itself?

Is it just me or does this sound a bit counter productive? Once I have identified a need, I like to search, fulfill that need and then move on! But I guess with the rise of Social, we can all identify with the urge to talk, tweet, blog, post…. about our experiences, so perhaps, in full social style, this really will become second nature!

My opinion… Bring on Google +1 and lets go to town on some of those competitors! 🙂


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