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Pay Per Click Advertising, like most forms of digital marketing and advertising, isn’t something you can just set up and leave to do its own thing until its end date.

I mean… you can, but that wouldn’t be very wise.

When it comes to PPC management, you want to make sure you’re regularly checking in on your ads performance, adjusting where you need to in order to optimise the PPC ad, as well as maintain your budget.

When logging into your Google Ads account with live campaigns, there will be a lot of tabs, a lot of numbers and a lot to look at. But with some regular PPC management techniques, you’ll know exactly what to be looking for.

Budget Pacing in PPC

An extremely important aspect of your PPC management is budget pacing. Something we do is set up a spreadsheet for pacing and checking daily. This breaks down your spending against your monthly budget to give you a good idea of how evenly you’re spending throughout the month.

This spread-out view of your costs helps you gain insight into any changes that might need to be made to either help you reach that budget, or to reduce areas where you might be over-spending.

Managing Keyword Performance in PPC

Managing the keywords in your account is a necessity for the continued performance and optimisation of your PPC advertising.

Limited keywords

If your keywords are showing up as ‘limited’ you’ll want to look into why this is. This could be, for example, because your bid is not high enough. If further investigation is needed, we recommend pausing the keyword and then conducting the relevant action within the campaign to make it perform.

Negative keywords

When setting up your ad account, you may have already negatived out certain keywords – such as misspellings, synonyms and others. When managing active campaigns, you’ll want to regularly check what your ads are appearing for, using the ‘negative’ functionality where necessary to stop yourself appearing for terms that are unrelated, or perhaps too broad for your liking.

High performing keywords

You can also look at your better-performing keywords and look to take action such as increasing the budget to help give it an extra boost since it seems to be working well.

Conducting Search Query Reports

Next up, you should be conducting a search query report regularly. This report will give you detailed information about your keywords and how well they’re performing against users’ search terms.

This is vital, giving you the information needed to optimise your keywords to ensure your ad is being triggered by relevant search terms. The way people search changes every single day, so you’ve got to stay on top of this!

This report will also help you to identify keywords you might be overspending on that might be irrelevant to your objective or are perhaps too vague. This gives you the opportunity then to assess and pause keywords to improve the quality of your PPC.

Likewise going into the search query report and finding search terms that users have used that are relevant to your goal and have converted can be really useful too. If you haven’t already used these keywords, you can use these terms and break them out into target keywords in your ads account to (hopefully) gain some further conversions. This is a really beneficial process and insightful for you to see what your audience is really searching for.

Ad Extension Management

Adding extensions to your PPC ads is a fantastic way to add more value to potential customers, and to increase the likelihood of engagement with your specific ad.

If you’ve got these up and running, then great. If you haven’t… do it now!

Regularly check your ad extensions to see they’re still running, updating them where necessary and looking for the higher-performing ones. Use that insight to optimise other ads, and to inform other areas of your marketing strategy.

Auction Insights

Within Google Ads, you can take a look at the auction insights report to compare your performance against other advertisers who are competing in the same auctions as you.

We recommend looking at these insights as keyword, ad group or campaign level, working out whether you need to increase your bids to gain more exposure.

Overall, there are many things you can do to help manage your PPC performance. These are some of the key things you can monitor, checking daily where you can to help your PPC thrive.

But if all that sounds too much, then don’t forget we’ve got some award-winning bespoke PPC campaign management services and Paid Advertising Packages available!

You could even grab yourself a cheeky PPC audit here.


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