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Have you ever seen someone run PPC on their own brand term and chuckle to yourself as you click their ad and cost them a few pennies?

Now you may think: What a waste of money! Don’t they know they appear organically for that search term anyway?

Well, let us tell you that bidding on your own brand terms is actually quite a clever technique and shouldn’t cost you much at all.

Let me tell you why, in this week’s episode of GIANT Wednesday.

Hi, I’m Ant from Sleeping Giant Media, and I’m here today to talk to you about the benefits of bidding on your own brand terms when it comes to your PPC campaigns.

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I’m going to break down the reasons you should be bidding on brand terms into four sections, hopefully proving to you that it’s a winning idea.

So, without further ado…

Number 1. Control the real estate

Having both organic and paid listings appear in search engine results pages gives you more control over the prime bit of real estate.

More presence means more opportunity to convince a user to click-through to your website.

It also shows the searcher that you’re a prominent player in your industry.

In this instance, more is definitely… more. 


Number 2. Getting ahead of the competition

If you’re up against some big industry players, or brands of any size that know what they’re doing, then it’s more likely that they’re already bidding on your brand terms!

I know right, how dare they?

It’s safe to say that you don’t want your competition showing up in pride of place on the search results when people search for YOUR company or direct service and product.

If this happens, you might find you’re losing traffic to your competitors so bidding on your brand term in a strategic way allows you to keep control.

With clever campaigns and bidding techniques, you can regain the top spot and keep their ads at bay.

It also means you can send searchers specific measuring, enticing them in a different way to your normal page title.


Number 3. Catching the ‘ready to convert-ers’

Think about the purchasing journey that people have when it comes to finding your product or service.

By the time they’ve got to Google and type in a brand name, you can be pretty sure they’re close to taking the final step to convert.

Whether that’s a direct sale, contact form or sign up. Or perhaps they’ve heard about you from a recommendation, done their research or even bought from you before… 

whatever the reason, they’re further along the conversion cycle than people using generic search terms..

You can use your PPC ads, targeted on your brand name, to send them to your highest converting landing pages, helping their journey across that finish line.

And finally, number 4. Keep your budget happy

The holy grail of PPC is all about finding those cheap keywords that actually have search volume. 

Although that being said, low volume keywords are also valuable. We’ve actually got an episode of Giant Wednesday on that!

Anyway, it turns out that those low cost, high volume keywords have been hiding in plain sight all this time.

Your brand terms can help you garner some of the highest click-through rates, paired with a great quality score.

From your company name to abbreviations, to even specific products, you’ll find these search terms only make little dent in your overall PPC budget but can give you some GIANT results.

You’ll probably notice that the common thread in all of these points is control and defence.

Bidding on your own brand terms gives you more control and flexibility around what appears on the search engine results pages when people are searching for your brand.

This means that if you want to maximise your ROI and protect yourself from competitors taking up your prime real estate, getting bidding on your brand terms is the way forward.


So, that was a whistle-stop tour of why it can be a great idea to bid on your own brand terms during your PPC campaign.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give it a go. Consider it the sunscreen to your SERPy skin, deflecting those rays from other websites. 

*awkward silence*

If you have any more advice, or if you think we’ve missed anything… make sure you leave a comment and let us know!

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Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time for another GIANT Wednesday.

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