Images of cats are the most viewed on the internet (with an estimated 6.5 billion kitty photos online), with cats being dubbed the unofficial mascot of the Internet; what better way to celebrate National Cat Day than looking at the history of this pawesome side of the web? (Yep, we are fur real!)

Where does the paw-ry begin?

When did cats begin to take over the internet? Believe it or not, the online feline invasion first began around 20 years in internet chat rooms, where users would chat to each other in Meowspeak (a lingo that resembled baby talk). Then in 2007, along came the launch of website I Can Haz Cheezburger which posted funny cat pictures where users could create their own LOLcat memes (the site also receives 100 million views per month!).

The first YouTube cat video was uploaded in 2005, and was followed by the Puppy vs Cat viral cat video which had amassed 16 million views in 2015. There now over 2 million YouTube cat videos!

Why are felines internet famous?

A study found that people who watched cat videos were generally more happy afterwards, whilst others proposed that cat videos are merely for procrastination purposes. Others have suggested that as popular kitty content contains cats participating in human behaviour, this makes them more relatable, particularly as cats are very facially expressive.

Cat lover community

The Internet is arguably the digital space akin to a dog park, but for cats and cat owners. Cat lovers have been able to connect, revelling in their communities and turning the tables to make cats cool!

Celebrity cats

Some of the web’s well known furry friends


Grumpy Cat














Lil Bub

















Nala Cat














And finally, some favourite cat gifs from some of our Giants…






























































Happy National Cat Day everyone!