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Don’t get lost in YouTube’s Creator Studio!

YouTube’s Creator Studio has gone through a lot of change over the past couple of years – being rebranded to YouTube Studio, and seeing a host of new features and insights available for users. Designed to be the spot that creators call home within the YouTube platform, YouTube Studio is where brands or individuals can go to manage their channels and get the most out of their video marketing.

To find the YouTube Studio, you can click here (because we’re all about making your life easier), or you can click on your account icon in the top right-hand corner and click YouTube Studio.

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Today we are going to crack the lid on YouTube’s Studio, and give you all the info you need to create, and, more importantly, optimise and analyse, your next video.

So, where do you look?

Within the YouTube Studio, you’ll find a bunch of tools designed to help you manage and organise your videos. You’ll land on the Dashboard, where you can get an overview of everything that’s going on – with notifications and alerts, updates and stats all ready for you to review and take action on.


The Video Manager is where you’ll find all of your videos, and can organise, update, or adjust individual videos all from this one place. YouTube advises that you can use tools to “optimise a video, tweak its settings or bulk update changes across videos with a single click”, so if you’re pushing out content through YouTube then you’re probably going to spend a whole lot of time looking at this interface. Time to get acquainted.


The Comments section, previously the Community tab, is another place you’ll probably want to hang out quite often, as that’s where all of your comments and messages can be found. Communicating and engaging with your community is super important when it comes to seeing success on YouTube, so be sure to keep an eye on who’s talking to you, or about you.


On the topic of seeing success, the Analytics features within Studio mean you can keep an eye on your channel’s performance in one easy format. Here you can find reports and data to help you analyse which videos are doing well, with information on everything from subscribers and watch time to views. YouTube can be a notoriously hard platform to break into, so keeping a close eye on this section can really give you an edge – and help you make sure that the videos you worked hard on are seen by more people.

Better yet, this information can be used to discover trends about your videos, such as what works and what doesn’t, so that you know what to make more of in order to please your doting fans.

Getting to grips

YouTube’s Studio is pretty expansive, and as well as these key areas there are tons of other things that can be achieved – whether it’s copyright settings, moderator settings or options around monetisation. The best way to get to grips with all that the tool has to offer is to simply dive in and have a snoop around. YouTube wants to help get more original content on its platform, so whether you are new to the video game or are interested in growing your existing channel, there should be plenty there to help.

Still getting to grips with YouTube as a whole? Take a look at the Creator Academy for tons of simple, easy-to-navigate lessons that can teach you all you need to know about making the most of YouTube for your business.  

So, what’re your favourite things about YouTube’s Studio? Let us know over on Twitter, or check out some of our videos over on our very own GIANT YouTube channel. Leave us a comment – we’re all friends here.


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