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Helping out the planet from the comfort of our desks ????

Environmental decline is becoming more and more of a prominent concern in the world that we live in. Just this weekend, David Attenborough took to the Pyramid Stage to praise Glastonbury’s ban on single-use plastics, which is thought to have cut out more than a million plastic bottles of water over the course of the weekend. The thousands and thousands of people that turned out to watch Attenborough’s surprise appearance showed just how environmental concerns are resonating with people in 2019 – and confirmed that if we all make small changes, big improvements are within reach.

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One area where these small changes can be made is in our offices. Offices have a significant impact on the planet, with stats showing that 400 million metric tons of paper were used in one year alone, and 18% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from non-domestic and commercial buildings. 

With so many aspects to running a green office, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to reducing your business’s impact on the planet. But small changes can be found everywhere.

Here, we’re going to share 5 of the ways that we’ve been working to make GIANT Towers greener. 


Stop printing and go paperless  

In the digital age we live in, it’s becoming less and less of a requirement for offices to use paper. From cloud-based software to digital signatures, almost everything we do is now doable online – so why do so many offices still use paper? With the alarming paper-related stats we’ve already touched on, going paperless is becoming more and more important. Cut back on your printers and move them far away from the main office hub, invest in cloud-based software, and encourage your teams to reduce all non-essential printing. After all, if you make printing a little more inconvenient, people are less likely to do it.


Replace general waste bins with recycling bins 

Whether we like to admit it or not, humans are lazy. That’s why if there’s a waste bin near our desk, we’re unlikely to walk around and find a recycling bin to throw our plastic bottle in instead. To combat this, cut back on the number of general waste bins and make sure that you have plenty of recycling bins dotted around your office. Also, to make it easier for people, print signs or posters to go above the recycling bins which explain where some of the most common items should go. Everyone likes their life being made a little easier, after all. 


Ditch disposables 

When it comes to eating and drinking in an office, ditch disposable plates, cups or cutlery for a stock of the real thing, to cut back on your usage of single-use items. Removing the plastic cups from your water cooler is a simple way to make a big reduction to the waste your office is producing; you could even encourage your teams to bring their own refillable bottle or give everyone a branded one for their desk to get them started. 


Make energy efficient choices 

Offices by nature use a lot of energy, from air conditioning and computers to fridges, kitchen appliances, and lighting. Audit all of the things in your office that use power and evaluate whether you could find a more green alternative. Swap to LED bulbs where possible, which use around 90% less energy, and make sure that anything non-essential isn’t staying plugged in and turned on for no real reason. Encourage your teams to turn off their electronics at night, and put signs up to remind people and set the habit. 


Green squad – assemble 

With so many options and possibilities to consider, it can be hard to find the time to commit to making an office more green. That’s where a green squad can help. Here at GIANT Towers, we’ve created a green squad consisting of four people who are committed to spending time reducing the impact our business has on the environment, and to making the office a better place to be. Find volunteers from different departments who can champion corporate sustainability, and encourage other team members to be a bit more eco-friendly. 




You may have seen that our CEO Luke Quilter threw down the gauntlet at the KEIBAs, announcing that next year we’ll be coming for the Commitment to the Environment Award. So keep an eye out for the positive changes we’re trying to make over the next 12 months!



Have you been making your business greener? We’d love to hear any tips and tricks that you have! After all, if we all support each other in making positive changes, we’re far more likely to see improvements on a larger scale. 


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