Live Photo Gifs on Twitter And Most Googled Searches in 2019

by | Dec 12, 2019 | News

We’re almost at the final roundup of the year! For now, let’s talk new YouTube policies, updates to GMB, Live Photos on Twitter, new Stories features, and Google’s search trends data for 2019. Can you floss?

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You better be old enough for the ‘gram kids! 


YouTube Cracking Down on Abusive Videos

YouTube has announced that it’s cracking down on insulting videos as part of a new harassment policy. 

The policy states that videos which “maliciously insult someone based on protected attributes such as race, gender identity or sexuality” will no longer be allowed. In addition to the old policy, which banned videos which contained explicit threats of violence or bullied somebody about their appearance, the policy now also bans “veiled” or implied threats of violence, simulated violence towards an individual, and malicious insults based on protected attributes such as race, gender expression or sexual orientation.

The video site consulted with experts including think tanks, Google employees and other third parties to help inform the policy. YouTube has said that the policy will apply to everyone, including politicians and YouTube stars, with people who consistently break the rules potentially losing their ad revenue, or having their channel closed down. Find out more at BBC News.


Google My Business to Show Carousel of Reviews

Eagle-eyed marketers have spotted a new carousel format for reviews in Google My Business, designed to make them more prominent on local business profiles. 

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that reviews carousels will surface when they’re “relevant to the query and the business has enough high-quality reviews”. Some might comment that review excerpts aren’t a new feature on Google My Business listings, however, this is the first time they’ll be displayed in a scrollable carousel format. The new carousel will also be higher on the listing, below the business’ name and above its contact info, to make them more accessible. 

If you’re a business with a bank of positive reviews, then this new interface tweak could help to make them more prominent for users. It also helps to highlight the importance of having reviews within your GMB profile, so if you don’t – it may be worth adding to your list. Check out more on the news over at Search Engine Land


Study Shows Users are Skeptical of Online Reviews

Reviews are becoming more and more important in the digital world, with recent research showing that users are “increasingly relying on search and reviews when looking for local businesses” – although they’re also becoming more skeptical of their authenticity.

A survey by BrightLocal, which polled around 1,000 US adults, found that 90% of them were looking for local businesses more than they did last year – particularly younger users. When it came to the reviews, “large majorities” agreed that reviews influenced their decision-making, with recency and overall star rating being the two most important features in a review. 

This study confirms that businesses need a regular stream of reviews to succeed online – particularly reviews on multiple sites, whether that’s Google, TripAdvisor, or Facebook. If you’re not asking your customers to leave reviews, then you could be hindering your progress. Check out more of the stats at Search Engine Land


Hooray! Post Live Photos as Gifs on Twitter

Apple users, your time has come! Twitter has announced that it will let users share Live Photos as GIFs directly on the platform – without users having to convert them on an external app.

Previously, Apple’s Live Photos had to be changed into a GIF using software before being uploaded to Twitter, or the platform simply showed them as a still image. This meant that users weren’t able to share creations from one of Apple’s signature camera options, which was naturally pretty disappointing. 

Now, when drafting a tweet, you’ll be able to select a photo from your camera roll and tap the GIF button in the bottom corner. Et voila! Your Live Photo will be shown in all of its moving glory. Go forth and create. Or read more about the news over on The Verge. 


Instagram Testing Brand New Modes for Story Content

It looks like Instagram is on a roll when it comes to Stories features at the moment, with news suggesting that three new features are being tested as we speak. 

The first is Poses, a new camera option in Stories which would allow people to make stop-motion style clips out of multiple images. The camera would take four photos, 3-seconds apart, and then stitch them together. Another rumoured feature is Layouts, which would use frames to let people create different Stories compositions. Finally, users have also spotted a new Shoutouts tool within Stories, which appears to let you shout out another Insta user. Cute.

It’s likely that this is all part of Instagram’s plan to continue maintaining the momentum of Stories, which is undeniably one of the most popular features on the platform nowadays. Some worry that too many features will oversaturate users, but for now, if you have the features, you may well find them pretty fun to play around with. Read more at Social Media Today


‘Thanos’ and ‘Floss Dancing’ among Top Trending Google Searches of 2019

Ah, there’s nothing like Google releasing its top trending searches to make you feel like it’s nearly Christmas. 

The lists released by Google Trends towards the end of each year are based on the search terms that had “the highest spike” over the past 12 months, when compared to the previous year. In the UK in 2019 there was a noticeable sport theme, with the top 2 searches being the Rugby World Cup and the Cricket World Cup, and the top ‘How to…?” being “How to watch the Champions League Final?” 

For news events, the Notre Dame fire topped the list, while the “What is…?” list saw “What is Area 51?” take the top spot. Which is surely right where the aliens want it to be… 👀

On a more lighthearted note, “how to floss dance?” was clearly troubling a lot of people in 2019, along with “how to watch Game of Thrones?”. Marvel fans probably won’t be surprised to see Avengers: Endgame take the top spot with movie searches, closely followed by the Joker, both in the UK and globally. Yet another Marvel/DC showdown. 

What were your iconic moments in 2019? Let us know in the comments, or check out more of the search data at Google Trends

One more news roundup of 2019 to come people! Check back next week for your final installment. The vibes will definitely be festive.


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