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Personal brand is such a buzzword these days, but it’s important you have one ????

When it comes to business, LinkedIn is a key platform for engaging with other brands in your sector – particularly if you’re a B2B company. But that isn’t the only way that LinkedIn can be used. 

In fact, LinkedIn is also a great way to create a brand of your own – all about you as an individual. When it comes to your personal branding strategy, LinkedIn gives you a platform to share knowledge and showcase your experience – all of which helps to position you as an expert in your field. On top of this, you can use it to build relationships with other influential players, and stand out from the crowd. 

Done well, it’s a personal brand gamechanger. But how do you do it well? 

Build a network 

LinkedIn is all about creating a network, so the first step in succeeding with your personal presence on the platform is figuring out your network. Connect with colleagues, clients, industry leaders, people that you’ve met on training courses or at networking events, or other professionals that are relevant to your skills. If you’re connecting with someone new, think about adding a personal note to introduce yourself to make it more likely that they’ll accept.

Join conversations 

When done well, social media is all about community – which means it’s just as important to join other people’s conversations as it is to start your own. If you see someone talking about a topic that interests you, leave a comment and offer your opinion. Not only will this get your name in front of their connections too, but it’s likely that they’ll return the favour. Plus, if it’s a topic that’s relevant to your professional sector, it can help to position you as an authority. 

Get personal

Well, not too personal. No one wants to hear you airing your dirty laundry – but what people do appreciate is someone who’s real. People relate to people, and sharing your experiences or a hint of something that’s genuinely ‘you’ will go a long way in helping people to connect with you. 

Keep it regular 

If you’ve ever seen us talking about social media success before, then you know that consistency is the key. And the same applies whether you’re promoting your brand’s products or services, or yourself as a person. Building a brand of any kind requires effort, and if you post regularly people are going to see the effort that you’re putting in. Plus, LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritises people who post regularly, so posting consistently is a win-win. 

Stay up-to-date

Similarly to keeping your posting regular, make sure that your profile is always an accurate representation of where you’re at in your career. Keep your job history updated when you change jobs, and add any training or courses you undertake as and when it happens. New headshots are another great way to give your profile a revamp. 

When it comes to being a top performer in your sector, LinkedIn is a key tool to have in your toolkit. Invest a bit of time and TLC into building a network, sharing unique content, and joining conversations, and within no time you’ll find yourself connecting with lots more engaged professionals looking to share ideas and interact. Aww, friends.

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