“Leaked” Audio From Facebook Meeting – Digital News Roundup – 04.10.19

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How is it October?! This week we’re talking leaked Facebook meetings, updates to Stories ads and LinkedIn ads, comment filters on YouTube, and welcoming Samuel L. Jackson into your living room.

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Did Zuckerberg just perform the greatest PR stunt ever? ????


Transcripts from internal Facebook meetings leaked 

Earlier this week, The Verge published transcripts from two recent meetings at Facebook, in which CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered questions from employees “concerned about the company’s future”. 

During the grilling from Facebook staff, Zuckerberg fielded questions on everything from the company’s current issues with the US government to the rise of TikTok – and whether he’s worried about the new app’s popularity. On that, he praised the success of the app and mentioned tweaks that will be made to Instagram’s Explore tab in order to appeal to a similar market, but caveated that by highlighting TikTok’s low retention rate outside of its hefty advertising strategy. 

Zuckerberg also talked about the importance of humanising things, and how the perception of the tech industry has changed since the social media platform was launched. He addressed concerns from his team around the on-going fines and investigations – praising America’s “really solid rule of law” when it comes to regulatory decisions. 

More of the transcripts are set to be released over the coming days within The Verge’s newsletter about social networks and democracy, The Interface. Until then, read the full responses over at The Verge.


Stories ads will allow Facebook advertisers to start conversations in Messenger

An update to Stories ads will mean that users are now able to click to message brands and businesses from right within an ad – on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. 

Thanks to the new “Send Message” call to action, users will be able to swipe up on Stories ads and start a conversation with the brand in question in Messenger, without leaving the app that they’re in. Experts have said that this could be particularly appealing to businesses with longer conversion cycles, helping to promote another engagement touchpoint for advertisers. 

With 40 million businesses active on Messenger, according to Facebook, it will be interesting to see how this feature is adopted. If you have Messenger templates set up in your Facebook Ads accounts then the option will be available to you now. Check out more on the release at Marketing Land. 


YouTube releases new comment filters in YouTube Studio

YouTube has released a new set of comment filters within YouTube Studio, which it says answers the “top feature request” it gets from creators. 

The filters will make it easier for creators and brands to identify key video responses, allowing them to maintain engagement and maximise their time more effectively – without having to sift through thousands and thousands of comments. Creators will be able to filter comments based on things like response status, subscriber count, member status, whether the comment contains a question, and whether the commenter is publicly subscribed to them. 

Experts have commented that it’s an interesting approach to comment moderation – with Facebook’s ‘Top Fan’ and other page engagement badges offering a similar approach, based on set parameters. Read more on the launch over at Social Media Today. 


LinkedIn adds tools to help targeting for on-platform ad campaigns

LinkedIn advertisers are in luck this week, with the platform now giving advertisers a host of new options designed to enable better audience targeting for campaigns. 

Audience forecasting tools have been expanded within the ad creation flow, allowing advertisers to see who a campaign will reach in a much easier way – based on the entered parameters. Boolean logic – using ‘and/or’ qualifiers – is another new feature, something LinkedIn says has been “one of its most requested ad targeting additions”. Both of these will enable advertisers to better focus and refine campaigns on the people that are most relevant.

“For example, let’s say you wanted to target people using Director job seniority and the Finance job function. Previously, within a campaign you could only do so by targeting Directors in Finance roles. Now, with Boolean targeting, you can use a single campaign to reach people who are Directors at any job function, as well as people in Finance roles of any seniority,” explained LinkedIn

Finally, you’ll also see improved demographic reporting options, offering more “specific insight” into who’s responding to your campaigns, and giving a more broad overview of performance. Find out more about the features over at Social Media Today. 


Apple updates iOS software once again in a bid to fix issues

Apple has had a rough couple of weeks since releasing iOS 13 – with yet another update to the software coming this week in a bid to fix bugs.

Issues were supposedly prevalent throughout the development process, leading Apple to change the release schedule and even remove features. Since the launch, the tech giant has been rushing to fix bugs, with iOS 13.1.2 reportedly resolving issues “where the camera may not work, the flashlight could not turn on, or bluetooth might disconnect”, as well as a host of other problems.

iOS 13 was designed to bring a bunch of fairly radical changes, including the much-revered dark mode, but this ambitious launch has clearly not gone as smoothly as Apple may have hoped. Check out more on the news at The Independent.


You’ll soon be able to chat to Samuel L. Jackson, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa

Ever wanted to welcome Samuel L. Jackson into your home? Well, you’re in luck. Now, the prolific actor is the latest celeb to lend his distinctive voice to a voice assistant – recording content for Amazon’s Alexa.

If you want to hear him, you can ask Alexa to introduce you to the actor, confirm the purchase, and then you’ll be able to use Jackson to hear the weather, play music, tell jokes, or share personal details – like his favourite colour or interests.

Due to the actor’s signature salty language, you will have to enable explicit language, but you can change this back within settings at any time. 

The Jackson voice skill will be coming to Alexa later this year, according to Amazon, and will be available initially for $0.99, before rising to $4.99. Read more on the release over at Ad Week

Check back next week for another dose of digital news, or read some of our recent blogs to keep your thirst for knowledge satiated until then.


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