Instagram AI Will Now Detect Offensive Captions & New WordPress Update Launched

by | Dec 20, 2019 | News

It’s the final news roundup of the year people! We made it. Let’s wrap up by talking about Instagram’s new AI, Gutenberg 7.1, another way YouTube’s angering creators, updates to local listing on Google, and how Layouts will improve your Stories.

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You better be old enough for the ‘gram kids! 


Instagram trains AI to detect offensive captions

Instagram has announced that it’s trained an AI system to “detect offensive captions” – in a bid to warn users when their content could be considered offensive. 

The tool is positioned as being able to help with online bullying, by giving users the opportunity to “pause and reconsider their words”. Bullying online has become a major issue for platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube this year, so it’s not entirely surprising that more preventative tools are being implemented in a bid to cut back on the harm caused – particularly as a survey back in 2017 found Instagram to be the worst for cyber bullying.

“In addition to limiting the reach of bullying, this warning helps educate people on what we don’t allow on Instagram and when an account may be at risk of breaking our rules,” Instagram explained in a blog. This is close to a tool launched earlier in the year, which did a similar thing regarding comments on other user’s Instagram posts. 

The feature, which was announced earlier this week, will be rolled out immediately in certain countries. Read more at BBC News


WordPress Announces Gutenberg 7.1 – It’s Big!

A new version of Gutenberg has been released by WordPress, and it’s a big one kids. 

Gutenberg 7.1 comes with a hefty amount of improvements, including a new welcome UI screen designed to introduce the block editing experience Gutenberg is known for. Mobile editing has also been improved, with a fixed-mobile toolbar for changing elements such as paragraphs, as well as users now being able to select multiple blocks while editing in mobile. 

On top of this, users will now be able to add captions below tables, improving overall table functionality and preventing the need for extra plug-ins.

Performance benchmarks indicate that the Gutenberg interface is getting slower, however, with 7.1 being just under a second slower than 7.0. While we may not be talking game-changing amounts of time, most people would expect speed to at least stay stagnant. Fortunately for WordPress, most people are pleased to see so many improvements to the platform, particularly for mobile – negating any speed blips. Check out more at Search Engine Journal


YouTube Changes Rolling Out January 2020 May Impact Creator Revenue

It’s been all-change for YouTube this year, and that doesn’t look set to slow down in 2020. YouTube has announced policy changes for January which are already causing concern among creators. 

The changes will mean that YouTube will stop serving personalised ads on content that is intended for kids, in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The video platform has advised creators that their revenue may be impacted as a result, which is naturally causing some concern – mainly over how YouTube will determine which videos are intended for kids or not. It’s likely this will happen through a combination of channels declaring their content as being for kids, as well as YouTube identifying videos using its own machine learning. 

The grey area, of course, is content which can appeal to both kids and adults. Channels that promote video games like Minecraft are notoriously popular on YouTube with viewers of all ages – and could potentially now be classified as being for children, even though adults also play. Major players like PewDiePie have also voiced concerns. 

We won’t know until January which content YouTube will select to stop serving personalised ads, but it will be interesting to see the fall out. Head to Search Engine Journal to find out more. 


Google Changes How Local Search Results Are Generated

Back in November, Google announced a process which would affect local search results – something the platform has now fully rolled out. 

The November 2019 Local Search Update was largely centred around the use of neural matching – an AI based system Google started to use in 2018, which works to understand how words are related to concepts. This allows Google to understand what users mean more effectively, matching their queries to the most relevant local businesses, even if the specific keywords in the query aren’t included in the business name or description. 

While a full rollout has now happened globally, Google has said that local SERPs are not currently set in stone, and may change over time; similarly to how they do in standard web search results pages. Take a look at the story over at Search Engine Journal.


Instagram Stories Can Now Include More Than One Photo

Looking to up your Stories game? Well, Instagram has got your back. You may have seen us talk about new Instagram Stories features last week, and now it looks like all users have access to the Layout feature. 

The feature lets users create Instagram Stories with “anywhere from 2 to 6 photos”, instead of the previous one image or video. Previously, users achieved the look thanks to third-party apps, but now the whole process can happen within the Instagram platform itself. Those third-party apps probably aren’t too happy right now…

Not only will you be able to collage multiple images, but you’ll still be able to add your favourite filters, GIFs or stickers over the top too. Don’t get too excited though, you still won’t be able to use Layout on feed posts for now. Read more at Search Engine Journal


Facebook Owns the Four Most Downloaded Apps of the Decade

A new report from app analytics firm App Annie has shown that Facebook owns the “top four most downloaded mobile apps” in the last decade. 

Topping the list is, of course, Facebook, followed by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This dominance over the mobile market is not entirely surprising, but it shows how the Facebook group has maintained the top spot over the past ten years. While it’s undeniable that Facebook has had a tumultuous few years in the eyes of the public, its acquisitions and improved offerings have made the apps crucial in tons of peoples’ lives.

Interestingly, TikTok appears 7th on the list – even though it was only launched for iOS and Android markets outside of China in 2017. This is massive growth, and highlights why some of the other big social players are getting concerned. Less positive, Twitter ranked 10th in the list – beaten by YouTube, Snapchat and Skype – even though it’s one of the most established of the social platforms. Check out the full review on Social Media Today

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year, crew. Let’s see what news 2020 brings with it!


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