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Having PPC advertising set up is the first step to success, but the second step… inevitably, is to keep improving and managing it so it continues to bring you success.

You want your PPC campaigns to perform to the best of its ability, right? So let me share some advice on how to maintain and improve your PPC performance, and then check out some of our recommendations for further PPC-themed learning.

5 Ways To Improve Your PPC Advertising

1. Improve Your PPC With Google Recommendations


When you’re in the wonderful world of Google Ads, don’t ignore that support from Google!

Sure, they own the thing… they want you to spend the big bucks, but they also want to make sure you (and your clients) have a good experience on the platform and keep coming back. This is why you can trust them.

The recommendations page looks at your account’s performance history, campaign settings and trends across Google itself, generating recommendations that could ultimately improve your PPC campaigns. 

These recommendations could come in the form of new keywords, budget changes and even ad extensions.

You’ll need to sift through these and decide which ones are relevant to your account, campaign and overall objectives, and then implement them accordingly – removing the other recommendations.

If you regularly do this, it will have a positive impact on your optimisation score.



2. Update Your PPC Ad Copy


Another piece of advice towards improving your PPCs performance is to regularly update your ad copy. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’… this doesn’t strictly apply here. More of an ‘if it ain’t broke, fiddle with it to make it… better’? But you can do this through the power of split testing.

Pop into your account every month (or more depending on the campaign you’re running) and review your PPC ad copy.

Which version is performing the worst? Pause it. Replace it and see if this works better.

Which is performing the best? Can you use its influence to help other campaigns?

A regular ad copy refresh and optimisation will keep ads fresh. If you run remarketing, for example, people will switch off to the same message or visual display after they see it numerous times. Don’t let it go stale.


3. Implement Ad Extensions


Keeping Google happy here (as you’ve guessed may be the secret to PPC success), we suggest implementing ad extensions.

Ad extensions are additional information you can add to your ads in the search engine results pages (SERP) such as phone number, a link to a product, a snippet of information etc.

There’s a whole bunch of different extensions you can choose from, and as long as you pick ones relevant to your goal and the campaign, you’ll find they can really boost your PPC performance.


4. Negative Out Keywords


Are you negativing out keywords? You should be!

Whilst it kinda sounds like you’re cutting out a large chunk of potential audience from viewing your ads, and, in some ways, this is true, what you’re actually doing is honing in on your target audience. Filtering out those not quite right for you and your goals.

For example, if you sell brand new phones, you wouldn’t want to appear for ‘refurbished phones’ – the audience wouldn’t be quite right for you if you consider the intent behind their search. In this instance, you’d negative out ‘refurbished’.

You can see which search terms your ads appear for, and negative these out accordingly. Make sure to check on the regular.

Another example is that your ads might show with location terms in them such as ‘new phones in manchester’ when your store is only in Canterbury and you don’t offer shipping… you’d want to negative our Manchester to avoid clicks and costs, right?


5. Utilise Remarketing


Remarketing is a fantastic way to make a second impression on someone. These ads target an audience of people who’ve already engaged with your website, a certain page or taken a specific action. 

Based on what you choose to target from, you know their previous intent, or what was implied at least, and can use your marketing prowess to get in front of them again and give them something more of value.

For example, if you’re reading this blog, we know you’ve got an interest in PPC, so you might see a remarketing ad from us later on offering you a free PPC audit. You get it?

This has a great effect on your PPCs performance because, if you’re clever about it, you’ve got a real niche audience that’ll do exactly what you want them to. Proving to Google you understand your customer.

So, these are just some of the ways you can boost your PPC performance, and ultimately you have to stay on top of this, and many other things to ensure success. In it for the long haul my friends!

If you need help, Sleeping Giant Media has PPC experts on hand to help you, so get in touch today.


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