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Stop, stop, stop!

Stop whatever the hell it is you are doing! I’m here to tell you a secret about Instagram. 


Instagram stories are not just for vanity and vegans sake. If used right, they can catapult your brand into the lives of your audience.

And do you know what else? I’m here to show you how to take your instagram stories to the next level.

Let’s bin off hump day because Wednesday’s are about to get GIANT.


Hello, my name is Danny and welcome to Giant Wednesday, the only place to be to discover the wonderful world of digital marketing. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and post your comments below. 

So Instagram launched stories in the summer of 2016 following the success of Snapchat.

For those of you living under a rock, Instagram stories are the 15 seconds of content that you can create that last for 24 hours. Still not sure? They look like this.

As a business how can you use Instagram stories? But, more importantly, how can you make sure your instagram stories stand out from the crowd?

Good question Danny 

Let’s assume you are already using the story function for your business… Here are my 5 top ways to increase your story telling powers.


 1. Tell a story. 

Sounds stupid, right? I mean the clue is in the name. But when making a story (whether its planned or reactive), it should always have a beginning a middle and an end. Imagine Jack and The Beanstalk without an ending? Pretty lame…

Telling your audience about the event you are at in the morning whilst the coffee is still hot is one thing, but making sure you conclude the story later in the day is quite another. So tip one. Make sure your stories start at the start and end at the end.


2) Hash and location tags

OK, OK, we all know the importance of hashtags, don’t we? But on instagram stories they are very important. Without a (signs hashtag) the only audience that will see your story are the few hundred people (if you’re lucky…) that already follow you. If you want your stories to increase brand awareness and to reach new and relevant audiences make sure you are testing hashtags to see which ones deliver the largest audience. 

Test different stories with different tags. See which ones work the best. And then use that hashtag in every part of your story. That way the relevant audience will see the entirety of your story, not just the one slide you tag.

See how your hashtags are performing in the story by clicking on the seen by section in the bottom left hand corner, like this. 


3) Film out of App – This is a biggy and enables you to get selective on whats included in your IG story. 

You can use editing tools like Moshow or InClips to edit video to a 16:9 ratio. This adds a new dimension to your instagram stories. Animation and movement that isn’t standard in the instagram app will only stand out from the mundane scene of boomerangs and food photos.

It can be painful at times opening up Instagram to capture those random ad-hoc moments so capture your content out of app on your phone’s camera, and then take it into an app like I mentioned before to edit. Here’s one I did earlier….


4) Use the cut and paste function

Ok, this one is a little more convoluted, stay with me.

One of the issues with Instagram stories is the lack of branding options available. Your colours, your fonts? Where are they when you need them…

A little known fact is that you can copy and paste images from your photo library. Oooo.

This is handy for when you want to add more than one photo or, even better, when you want to get creative and add some of your brand elements such as logos, colours and fonts.

Simply save your branded logo as a transparent .png in programmes like Photoshop or Canva, and send it to your phone.

Next time you are making a story, simply jump into your photo app, copy the image and when you go back into the gram it will appear as a sticker. Like this.


5) Create branded Gif stickers

Now this one is a game changer, try it along with me now…  

Open up a story, add a GIF and search for ‘Sleeping Giant Media’. 

See what we’ve done there? We have created a ton of GIF sticklers that can be used by anyone around the globe on their own stories.

Each gif sticker gets attributed back to the hosts website, adding links and value, as well as massive amounts of brand awareness.

There’s many people out there that thought only big brands were capable of having these GIF stickers. I know we’re pretty GIANT, but we aren’t quite Buzzfeed yet.

Wanna know how to do it yourself? Comment below and when I get to 20 requests i’ll come back and show you exactly how!


So to recap:

  1. Tell a complete story, with a beginning middle and end
  2. Use hash and location tags to increase reach
  3. Film out of Instagram and take advantage of free apps and tools
  4. Use copy and paste to add branding
  5. Create your own gifs for your audience to use.


That’s it for today, go forth and comment your views on this and give us a like and subscribe to see more great digital and marketing content every week.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next week for another GIANT Wednesday.

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