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LinkedIn is SO popular nowadays that even Ryan Reynolds is on it! Cool, right?

It’s no longer just the ‘online CV’ people once thought it was, it’s a big ol’network of people you could be getting your business and message in front of.

Today I’m going to share with you the why’s and how’s of boosting posts on LinkedIn so your message gets seen.

When it comes to the topic we’re discussing today, we are talking about the act of boosting posts on business pages on LinkedIn – so bear that in mind.

So, let’s kick off with the big questions in life…

What does it mean to boost a post on LinkedIn?

Boosting a post on LinkedIn is exactly what it says on the tin… well, maybe in the small print.

It’s all about boosting the visibility of your post, helping it to be seen by a wider, targeted audience to help you achieve your objectives.

It helps as well, to make sure people outside of your LinkedIn page followers see your post – isn’t that useful?

It takes that organic glory and turns it into a boosted masterpiece.


What’s the difference between boosting a post & running an ad on LinkedIn?

When it comes to the difference between posting and ad-setting-up-ing, the biggest difference is the simplicity of it all.

It’s easier, in theory, to boost a post because there are limited options to select. It’s quicker in this way too, but as implied, this simplicity also comes with restrictions.

Boosting a post only gives you a limited amount of targeting options, objective setting and placement types – unlike running an ad that would give you the whole host of options.

This isn’t a bad thing though – because depending on your goal, one may work better than the other.

The decision is up to you, but today I’m talking boosting so how about we look at…


How to boost a post on LinkedIn

So first up it’s important to note that at the time of recording, you can only boost events, videos and posts with text or a single image. This might change over time, who knows!

You’re going to want to know which post you want to boost and then follow along:

  1. Access the admin view of your LinkedIn page and find the post in your feed
  2. Click the ‘boost’ button above the post to open up the next window
  3. Select an objective from either:
    Increase awareness of your post
    OR Get engagement on your post
  4. You’ll then select your audience type from either:
    Profile-based (things like job function, industry and seniority)
    Interest-based (which looks at the type of groups they’re involved with)
    A LinkedIn audience template (one they made earlier in true Bluepeter style)
    OR a saved audience (one you made earlier!)
  5. You’ll then continue to refine your audience based on the audience type you selected, for example; looking at location and exclusions
  6. Confirm the advanced options of automatic audience expansion (which will help show your ads to audiences similar to the one you just created) and LinkedIn audience network (a network that will help you reach 25% more people by running your ads on partner apps and websites)
  7. Set a start and end date for your campaign
  8. Set a lifetime budget
  9. Select an ad account to bill – it’ll either give you existing options of your ad accounts or will create one for you
  10. Take a look at the forecasted results, check you’re happy with the preview and then hit BOOST


Easy peasy LinkedIn squeezy. 

Once boosted, you’ll be able to track the post’s success in your ads account in Campaign Manager, as well as check out the post analytics itself.

And that’s it – go forth and boost your posts to achieve your objectives and do Giant things.

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